File Upload to Google Drive using and Make

In this tutorial, you will learn how to upload a file to Google Drive using and Make integration. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Sample Source File

You will learn from this brief tutorial how to upload files to Google Drive using and Make.

Sample Source File
Sample Source File

Step 2: Create Scenario

To create a scenario in Make, we start by clicking the button on the top right corner of our Dashboard that says “Create a New Scenario”.

Create new Make scenario

Step 3: Choose

  • Select as the input app under the New scenario. App
  • Next, select Add Text and Images to PDF for the input file.
Add Text And Images

Step 4: Add Item to

  • Input the text name of our output in the Text field.
  • Then we will put 0- in the Pages field to set multiple pages.
  • We can use the Simple PDF Viewer to get the X and Y coordinates for objects in PDF.
Add Item To

Step 5: Connections and Parameters in

At this point, we will fill out the Import Options under

  • Select Import PDF from URL in the Input field so we can pick the file in Google Drive.
  • Next, we will enter the source PDF file in the URL field.
  • Then, we will type in our desired output name in the Output File Name field. Import Option

Step 6: Run Scenario

Finally in this phase, will Run the Scenario for the system to generate the result.  Now, we are going through a new step.

Run And Result

Step 7: Add Google Drive Module

To complete our file, we will use the Google Drive app to add another module.

Add Another Module

Step 8: File Upload

We will choose the Upload a File option under Google Drive, so we can move and store the file in Google Drive.

Upload A File

Step 9: Google Drive Connection

We will fill out all the required information at this phase.

  • Pick Select from the List in the Enter a Folder ID field, to see all the available folders in Google Drive.
  • Next, choose My Drive in the New Drive Location field.
  • Lastly, select the folder where you want the file stored in the New Folder Location field.
Google Drive Connections

Step 10: Run Google Drive Scenario

To check if the whole setup is in order, we will run the Scenario again. To check the file, we will go to My Drive.

Run A Scenario

Step 11: Check Google Drive

At this point, we should see the file has been successfully uploaded to our targeted Google Drive folder.

My Drive Output

Step 12: Source File Output

Now, we will see below what the generated PDF file with the added sample text looks like.

Source File Output
Source File Output

There you have it! We just learned how to add text to a PDF using the Add Text and Images to a PDF module. We also saw the process of uploading the generated file to Google Drive for file storage.

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