Search and Replace Text in PDFs

Streamline your PDF manipulation tasks with our PDF Search API, designed for both developers and non-developers to perform complex search functions, text and image modifications, and convert scans into searchable documents.

Benefits of PDF Search API

  • Regular Expression Support: Utilize regular expressions for pattern search in addition to standard text queries to precisely locate and manage data within PDFs.
  • Get Text Coordinates: Obtain the exact position of text within the document, enabling precise editing and data parsing.
  • Scanned Document Conversion: Convert scanned PDFs and images into searchable PDFs using OCR technology, supporting various languages including English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, and more.
  • Text and Image Replacement: Replace text with new text or images, with the flexibility to target specific pages or entire documents.
  • Multilingual Support: Compatible with numerous programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, C#, PHP, .NET/ASP.NET, Java, and Visual Basic.
  • No-Code Automation: Easily automate PDF operations with platforms like Zapier, Make, and more—no coding required.
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Code samples in JavaScript, Python, C#, Java and more.