Save Excel as PDF Landscape using and Zapier

In this tutorial, we will show you how to convert a Google Sheet to PDF with Landscape orientation using and Zapier.

Step 1: Add Google Drive App

To begin, let’s choose Google Drive as the App and the New File in Folder as the Event.

Add Google Drive As Trigger

Step 2: Setup Trigger

In the Drive field, select the My Google Drive and in the Folder field, choose the folder name where you stored the Google Sheet.

Select Google Drive Folder

Step 3: Test Trigger

Let’s test the trigger to make sure that we set up the account correctly.

Test Trigger

Step 4: Trigger Result

Great! Google Drive returned the information of the Google Sheet that we will use for this demo.

Google Drive Returned File

Step 5: Add App

Now, let’s add an action step. Let’s choose as the App and the Anything to PDF Converter as the Event.

Add Anything To PDF Converter

Step 6: Setup Action

Let’s configure the Anything to PDF Converter action.

  • In the Input Type field, select the Link to a CSV, XLS, XLSX, TXT spreadsheet file, or filetoken:// link option.
  • In the Input field, copy this link and replace the INSERT_FILE_ID with your File ID.
Add File ID


The default orientation is Portrait. You can remove the &portrait=false to switch back to the Portrait orientation.

Step 7: Test Action

Let’s send our setup to to convert the Google Sheet to PDF.


Step 8: Output URL

Great! Copy and paste the output URL to view the result. The link is only temporary and expires after an hour by default. We highly recommend that you add another action step to store the output in permanent cloud storage. PDF Output

Step 9: PDF Output

Here’s the PDF output in Landscape orientation that we converted from Google Sheet.

PDF Output
PDF Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to convert Google Sheet to PDF with Landscape orientation using and Zapier. You learned how to reference the Google Sheet file by its ID. You also learned how to switch between Landscape and Portrait orientation.