Generate PDF Reports Using API

Create comprehensive PDF reports effortlessly with our powerful APIs. Transform a variety of document types, including images and spreadsheets, into professional reports complete with visuals, custom fonts, and interactive bookmarks for a seamless user experience.

PDF Report Generator API illustration

Benefits of PDF Report Generation

Seamless Integration

Automate report creation with plugins for popular automation platforms, like Zapier, Make and others.

Multi-Document Merging

Combine spreadsheets, presentations, docs, and images into one PDF.

Custom Fonts

Custom font support, including Google Fonts, for personalized branding.

Dynamic HTML Templates

Use Mustache and Handlebars to create special macros and map dynamic data.

Graph Generation

Embed auto-updating graphs directly from HTML with dynamic information from your database, CRM or other data sources.

Selective Content Extraction

Split PDF pages by number, range, or keyword detection.

Interactive Bookmarking

Add bookmarks for quick navigation within your PDF report.

Flexible Page Orientation

Adjust page rotation manually or automatically for optimal layout.

PDF Report Generator API illustration
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