Automated Data Extraction

Streamline your document processing with an intelligent parsing solution designed for accuracy and efficiency. Our Document Parser automates the extraction of structured data from various document types, including PDFs, scanned documents, invoices, orders, and reports, using advanced AI technology.

Document Parser illustration

Benefits of Document Parser

Versatile Language Support

Compatible with Python, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, cURL, PHP, and more for seamless integration into any workflow.

AI-Powered Extraction

Utilizes built-in AI templates and macros for fast and accurate data extraction from multiple document types.

User-Friendly Template Editor

No coding needed to create or modify templates, thanks to an intuitive Visual Template Editor.

Diverse Data Output Options

Extracted data can be outputted in CSV, XML, or JSON formats.

Advanced OCR Technology

Multi-language OCR recognition for precise text conversion from images and scans.

Easy Integration

Ready-to-use integration with over 300 popular automation platforms, like Zapier, Make, and others.

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Use our Document Classifier to automatically detect and sort documents by vendor and find a document type or source.

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