In this tutorial, we will show you how to convert a sales order into JSON using Document Parser and Zapier.

  1. Create a Zap
  2. Trigger App and Event
  3. Setup Trigger
  4. Test Trigger
  5. Test Trigger Result
  6. Action App and Event
  7. Setup Action
  8. Test Action
  9. Test Result

We will use this sample sales order and parse the data.

Source PDF Document
Source PDF Document

Here’s the step-by-step guide to extract sales order in PDF using Document Parser in Zapier:

Step 1: Create a Zap

  • First, let’s start by creating a Zap.

Step 2: Trigger App and Event

  • Next, select the Google Drive app and choose the New File in Folder as a trigger event.

Trigger App and Event

Step 3: Setup Trigger

  • Now, let’s set up the trigger. Select My Google Drive for the Drive field and choose the specific Folder where the file was stored.

Setup Trigger

Step 4: Test Trigger

  • Then, click the test trigger button to make sure that we set it up correctly.

Test Trigger

Step 5: Test Trigger Result

  • Once the test trigger was successful. You may now add another app.

Test Trigger Result

Step 6: Action App and Event

  • Let’s add another app. Search and select Then, choose the Document Parser as an action event.

Action App and Event

Step 7: Setup Action

Let’s set up the Document Parser configuration.

  • In the Input field, select the Web Content Link from Google Drive.
  • In the Template ID field, input the ID of the template you created for the sales order file. You can create a temple ID in Document Parser Template Editor here. To learn more about Document Parser, please visit here.

Setup Action

Step 8: Test Action

  • Now, click the test and review button to send a request.

Test Action

Step 9: Test Result

  • Great! We successfully converted the sales order parse data into a JSON output.

Test Result

In this tutorial, you learned how to convert a sales order with Document Parser using Zapier. You learned how to parse data in a sales order using Document Parser. You also learned how to set up the Document Parser configuration and convert sales orders into JSON format.

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