Converting your Google Sheet to XML format and putting it on OneDrive is a simple process with the help of and Make integration. API can change your Google Sheet into XML format, which is a structured way of organizing information. XML files are easy for different programs to read and understand.

By using and Make together, you can automate the process of converting the Google Sheet and uploading your XML output to OneDrive. This saves you time and makes sure your data is in the right format and stored in a safe place like OneDrive.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of converting your Google Sheet to XML format and uploading it to OneDrive using and Make integration.

  1. Create a New Scenario
  2. Add Google Drive Module
  3. Google Drive Configuration
  4. Add Module
  5. Setup Configuration
  6. Add OneDrive Module
  7. Configure OneDrive Settings
  8. Run Scenario Result
  9. Google Sheet to XML Output
  10. Demo

We will use this sample Google Sheets spreadsheet convert it into an XML file and upload it to OneDrive.

Sample Google Sheet Spreadsheet
Sample Google Sheet Spreadsheet

Step 1: Create a New Scenario

  • Let’s begin by logging into your Make account. Once you’re logged in, look for the Create a new scenario button and click it.

Step 2: Add Google Drive Module

  • To proceed, locate and choose the Google Drive app within Make. From there, select the option to Download a File. This action enables Make to retrieve the Google Sheet file from your Google Drive account.

Add Google Drive Module

Step 3: Google Drive Configuration

Now, let’s configure the Google Drive settings.

  • To begin, you’ll need to connect your Google Drive account to Make. This connection allows Make to gain permission to access your Google Drive files.
  • In the Enter a File ID field, select the option to Select from the List. This will enable you to choose the specific file you want to convert.
  • For the Choose a Drive field, select My Drive as the designated drive for the conversion.
  • Lastly, in the File ID field, enter either the name of the Google Sheet you wish to convert into an XML file or the name of the folder where your Google Sheet is located. This ensures that Make knows which file to retrieve for the conversion process.

Setup Google Drive Configuration

Step 4: Add Module

  • In this step, we will integrate the app and select the option to Make an API Call. By utilizing this API, we will be able to access the API endpoint and convert a Google Sheet into an XML format.

Add Module

Step 5: Setup Configuration

Let’s configure the settings.

  • Start by linking your account to Make by entering your API Key. You can retrieve the API key from your dashboard or by registering on the provided link.
  • In the API Endpoint Path field, input v1/xls/convert/to/xml. This endpoint enables the conversion of a Google Sheet into XML format.
  • For the Input Type field, choose the Upload file and inject as url param option. This will automatically fetch the file from the downloaded file on Google Drive.
  • Specify the desired name for the output file in the Output File Name field.

Setup Configuration
Setup Configuration

Step 6: Add OneDrive Module

  • For the last step, we will integrate the OneDrive app and select the Upload a File functionality. This feature will allow us to upload the XML file to a specific folder in OneDrive.

Add OneDrive Module

Step 7: Configure OneDrive Settings

Let’s set up the OneDrive configuration.

  • Begin by linking your OneDrive account to Make. This will allow Make to obtain access to your OneDrive folder and save the XML file.
  • In the Enter (Folder Location ID & Path) field, choose the Folder Location Path option.
  • Select My Drive as the designated drive in the Choose your OneDrive location field.
  • In the Enable to Enter a Drive ID field, you can choose whether to enable a Drive ID by selecting either Yes or No.
  • Specify the desired folder in your OneDrive where you wish to upload the XML file in the Folder field.
  • In the File field, enable the an API Call option to retrieve the output XML and upload it to OneDrive.

Configure OneDrive Settings

Once the automation workflow has been configured, let’s proceed to execute the scenario, which involves converting a Google Sheet to XML and uploading it to OneDrive.

Step 8: Run Scenario Result

  • Congratulations! The scenario has been executed successfully, and the XML file has been successfully uploaded to the designated folder in OneDrive. Please access your OneDrive account to view the uploaded XML file.

Run Scenario Result

Step 9: Google Sheet to XML Output

  • Here’s the XML file that has been successfully converted from the Google Sheet and uploaded to OneDrive.

Google Sheet to XML Output
Google Sheet to XML Output

Step 10: Demo

  • Take a look at this demonstration showcasing the process of converting a Google Sheet to XML and uploading it to OneDrive. XLS to XML Demo XLS to XML Demo

In this tutorial, you have been introduced to the process of converting a Google Sheet to XML format and uploading it to OneDrive using the platform and the Make integration. The tutorial covers the usage of the XLS to XML API endpoint for converting a Google Sheet to XML. Additionally, you have learned how to set up the necessary workflow for performing the conversion from Google Sheets to XML.