Discover how you can use Zoom on your mobile device in a few simple steps. You will not even need an account with Zoom if you are not the one hosting the meeting. However, you will need to download and install the Zoom app on your mobile device.

  1. Using Zoom on Mobile Devices
  2. Meet & Chat
  3. Meetings
  4. Contacts
  5. Settings
  6. Can You Do a Zoom Meeting On Your Phone?
  7. Is Zoom Free on Phone?
  8. How Much Does It Cost to Phone Zoom?
  9. Can You Use Zoom On Your iPhone?
  10. Do I Need the Zoom App to Join a Meeting?
  11. How Do I Join a Zoom Meeting on My iPhone Without an App?
  12. Conclusion

How to Use Zoom on Mobile to Join or Host Zoom Meetings

You will also be happy to know that Zoom works on both iOS and Android devices.

Using Zoom on Mobile Devices

To get started, download the Zoom Cloud Meeting app, and install it on your mobile device. It has over 100 million downloads as of 2020 and has a simple interface.

Zoom on Mobile

This simple layout suits the small screen of mobile devices, without limiting Zoom’s webinar features.

Once you install the Zoom Cloud Meeting app, you have to sign in or sign up for an account. You may use your Gmail account, to shorten the process. The app will also ask for the date of birth, to confirm the Gmail account.

Once you are fully signed in, you will get to the app’s home page, which has which looks similar to the desktop app.

Meet & Chat

Mobile Zoom

The Meet & Chat button combines the desktop’s “Home” and “Chat” functions. It allows you to start a New Meeting, Join an existing meeting, Schedule a meeting, or even Share Screen. These four options are available at the top of the mobile screen.

Below the above options app lists recent calls, chat history, and any pending contact requests. To manage them, simply tap on the chat or contact, to view, or chat with them.

To draft a message, tap on the pencil icon on the top right, and to view your favorite contacts, tap on the star, which is on the top left.


Host Zoom Meetings

The “Meetings” option lists any upcoming Zoom meetings, classes, or events. It also allows you to start a call, send invitations, or edit your scheduled events.

To do any of those things, tap on one of the three options, and follow the on-screen steps to completion. The “Personal Meeting ID” is unique to your app, used to ID your events on Zoom.

You can view, edit, or delete any events or meetings appearing on your app, by tapping on them and following the on-screen instructions.

Tapping on your upcoming meetings will also give you options to send an invitation via text or mail, or add invitees to the meeting.


Video Call on Zoom Mobile

The “contacts” are similar to what you have on the desktop app. However, it allows you to add contacts from your Phone Contacts and lists external contacts separately.

Tap on the plus sign “+” on the top right, to “add a contact,” “Create a New Channel,” or to “Add an App.” You may also tap or Contacts or Channels, to toggle between them.

The difference between the two is that Contacts connect you to individuals, while Channels connect you to groups.


How to Meet on Zoom

You can use the settings options to make changes to your account. Your Zoom Cloud Meeting app settings are sorted according to “Your Account,” Contacts, Meeting, Chat, and About the app. You can make changes by tapping on them, then following the on-screen instructions.

Can You Do a Zoom Meeting On Your Phone?

To participate in a Zoom meeting, one of you must be the host. The Zoom app in your mobile device then connects to the host’s Zoom app. The host’s Zoom app manages all the other Zoom apps that join the meeting.

The host can use their Zoom app to control what the participants in a meeting can do. For instance, the Zoom host can enable or disable, the recording ability of the other Zoom meeting participants.

Furthermore, you can use a traditional phone to join a zoom meeting. This comes in handy if you don’t have a smartphone or computer. However, the host must have a Pro account or above. And they must be subscribed to the Audio Plan add-on.

The host must also enable attending via telephone, and provide the telephone number users can dial in. To do that, they can use the Account-Level Setting’s telephone tab.

When recording a zoom meeting, you can choose to save the file locally, or in the cloud. Overall, with a 3G internet connection, you can hold a zoom meeting seamlessly on phone.

Is Zoom Free on Phone?

Zoom is free to use on a phone. But Zoom meetings of up to 25 participants are limited to 40 minutes. And if there are only two participants, you can hold a one-on-one zoom meeting for up to 24 hours, for free.

How Much Does It Cost to Phone Zoom?

You will pay the standard charges by your telephone operator. But for smartphone users with an internet connection, joining Zoom is free. However, the number of participants is limited between 2 to 25.

Can You Use Zoom On Your iPhone?

Yes, you can use Zoom on your iPhone. You just have to download the Zoom app for iPhones. And just like in Android, there is a free tier with limited Zoom meetings of 40 minutes or more.

Do I Need the Zoom App to Join a Meeting?

You don’t need a Zoom app to join a Zoom meeting. You can use your browser to join a Zoom meeting. However, you will get a prompt to download the app. You can disregard the prompt and opt to join the meeting from the browser.

How Do I Join a Zoom Meeting on My iPhone Without an App?

You don’t have to install a Zoom app on your iPhone, for you to join a Zoom meeting. Instead, you can join a Zoom meeting using your iPhone’s browser. To do that, go to on your iPhone’s internet browser.

Conclusion – Zoom Cloud Meeting app for Mobile

That is all there is to using Zoom on mobile devices. We hope you will enjoy working and collaborating while on the move, with Zoom on mobile. Do you have any challenges using Zoom? Please share them in the comments section below.