Hello, friends. In this webinar, we’re going to see PDF.co web services provided by the BYTESCOUT. PDF.co web services provide different API and online tools.

It provides services like if we want to extract the tables or texts or statements or invoices from the PDF and pictures. It supports all kinds of pictures. It supports JPEG, PNG, BMP and also the multi-page TIFF photos.

So it has a built-in tech recognition and smart columns and table detection, which is powered by the AI. So inner cell-like if you have the PNG, PDF file, or which is basically scan version of PDF file. If you perform the text extraction, it will automatically extract the text. It has a kind of smart OCR not just simple OCR. The simple OCR just gets a text. But it has a one layer level above or we can say like AI-powered OCR.

For example, if we want to extract the tables from order structure formats – it can do that. It also provides a set of PDF online tools like if you want to merge and split documents. If you want to create the PDF from Excel files Word, or JPEG or PNG images or URLs – it can do that online. So basically, we just need to give the URL of the HTML file.

It will generate the PDF and return the output. It also provides different conversions. For example, we want to convert a PDF file to XLS or CVS or JSON or XML files. It will do that and also provide different features if you want to sign PDF or fill PDF forms. It provides support for that.

So these API endpoints are basically reached fully in nature. It’s a very secure alter end-to-end connection that is protected by the SSL certificate. It’s totally secured.

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Let’s see, which is the main API provided. It provides a JPEG to PDF feature. Or if you want to convert the PDF to CSV file, or PDF to XLS file – you can do that. If you want to split PDF or if you want to merge PDF – these are also included. Also, if you want to convert the document or images to PDF – it is fast and easy. If you want to convert the PDF to text or JPEG file – you will see these features. If you have the webpage and you want to convert it to PDF by using the restful API, it provides different conversions like PDF to XML or TIFF file.

It also provides the support to make PDF searchable like if you have the scan version of it and if you want to basically need to make the un-scanned version where you can search text or select text. When PDF has images inside, it will handle that very beautifully.

PDF.co provides support for Barcodes. If you want to generate a Barcode of any type or if you want to read Barcodes of any type from any format, like PDF file or JPEG or PNG or multi-page Tiff file or GIF too.

In the next webinars, we jump straight into coding or see a demo for the converting image to PDF API. You will see how to make the searchable PDF, or how to merge or split PDF. You will also see how to search any text within the PDF and add images into existing PDFs. And more features will be shown. Stay tuned!

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Check this PDF.co video tutorial using PDF.co Web API and follow us on YouTube!

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