pdfFiller vs PDF.co: Review and Compare

PDF format versatility, compatibility, and security features make it a preferred choice for sharing and archiving important information. In today’s market, there are several PDF solution vendors that provide a wide range of services.

If you’re reading this article, it means you’ve been looking for a different option than pdfFiller. We think pdfFiller is great, but it might not have everything you need.

In this helpful guide, we’ll compare pdfFiller and PDF.co to see how they are similar and different. By the end, you’ll be able to choose the right platform for your business.

  1. What is pdfFiller?
  2. What is PDF.co?
  3. PDF.co vs pdfFiller: Comparison Table
  4. Compare pdfFiller and PDF.co Workflows
  5. Third-Party Integrations
  6. pdfFiller vs PDF.co Documentations
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What is pdfFiller?

pdfFiller is a cloud-based platform that offers a range of tools and services for working with PDF documents. It is designed to streamline document workflows, providing features for creating, editing, signing, and sharing PDF files online. pdfFiller aims to simplify the process of working with PDFs and eliminate the need for manual paperwork.

pdfFiller Features

  • Forms Creation & Design
  • Document Management
  • Process/Workflow Automation
  • Data Import/Export
  • File Storage
  • Digital Signature
  • Watermarking
  • Third-Party Integrations

pdfFiller Functionalities

  • Convert & Compress: Compress PDF, PDF Converter, OCR PDF, Add Image to PDF, Edit Scanned PDF
  • Split & Merge: Split PDF, Merge PDF, Combine & Reorder, Extract Pages
  • Convert From PDF: PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, PDF to JPG
  • View & Edit: Edit PDF, Delete Pages, Rotate PDF, Watermarking
  • Convert to PDF: Word to PDF, PPT to PDF
  • Sign & Security: Protect PDF, eSign PDF

Primarily pdfFiller provides one online tool where users can open PDFs and perform all these functionalities. This tool is heavily based on JavaScript and is also available via integration to different platforms such as Google Docs, Zapier, Dropbox, etc. pdfFiller also provides an API for filling out forms.

What is PDF.co

PDF.co is an automation and API platform for PDF, Barcodes, Data Extraction, and Data Transformations. It also provides online tools for performing essential PDF-related functionalities such as splitting/merging PDF, document parsing, filling PDF forms, HTML to PDF conversation, PDF data extraction to various formats, barcode reader, etc.

PDF.co is developer-centric and automation-centric at heart. Here are some of the PDF.co API and things you can automate using the PDF.co platform via API or via one of its 300+ integrations.

PDF.co Functionalities

Generate PDF

  • Create PDF from scratch and from PDF templates;
  • Convert and make PDFs from different document types such as Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, XPS, HTML, Images (JPG, PNG, TIFF), XLS, and XLSX;
  • Create high-quality PDF from HTML code and convert web pages using Url to PDF. Fine-tuning options are available for margins, paper size, orientation, etc.

Edit PDF

Extract Structured Data

  • Extraction of data from unstructured PDFs, PDFs with tables, reports, orders, invoices, scanned documents, and images;
  • Extracted data can be exported to different types such as CSV, XML, JSON, HTML, spreadsheets, etc;
  • Has built-in OCR (image-to-text) text recognition support;
  • Read detailed PDF information including raw text information and PDF fields.

Business-Oriented Features

Barcode Tools

  • Generates 1D and 2D barcodes;
  • Read barcodes from images, PDF documents, and remote documents via the link!

PDF.co vs pdfFiller: Comparison Table

Below is a more comprehensive comparison between PDF.co and pdfFiller:

PDF.co pdfFiller
Features PDF Editing, PDF Merging and Splitting, PDF Generation, PDF Extraction, and Barcode Generation Forms Creation & Design, Document Management, Process/Workflow Automation, Data Import/Export, File Storage, Digital Signature, Watermarking, and Third-Party Integrations
Fillable PDF Fill out PDF forms, Add Text, Images, and Signatures, Add Watermarks, and Create Fillable fields. Fill out PDF forms, Add Text, Images, Signatures, Watermarks, and Videos, and Create Fillable fields.
Collaboration Yes Yes
OCR Yes Limited
Integrations Zapier, Make, Salesforce, Airtable, Microsoft  Power Automate, and more than 3000+ integrations Zapier. Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Form, Salesforce, Sharepoint, Dynamic 365, Dropbox, SignNow, Box, and Office 365
Pricing Offers free and paid plans Offers free trial and paid subscription plans
User Interface User-friendly interface User-friendly interface
Customer Support Email support, tutorials, and documentation Email, chat, and phone support
Security SSL, TLS security, and file encryption SSL, Password protection, and encrypted document storage
API Yes Yes

Compare pdfFiller and PDF.co Workflows

How to Modify PDF using pdfFiller

pdfFiller primarily offers an online paid tool that serves as its flagship product. This tool is accessible through a web browser, allowing users to modify PDF documents directly within the browser environment. By providing a cloud-based solution, pdfFiller offers convenience and accessibility for users who need to work with PDFs without the need for installing additional software or applications on their devices.

Here’s how you can use pdfFiller to modify PDF content.

PDFFiller Sample Workflow
pdfFiller Sample Workflow

How to Replace Text in PDF using pdfFiller

Here’s how you can use pdfFiller to replace text content within a PDF document.

pdfFiller Replace Text
pdfFiller Replace Text Workflow

How to Fill PDF Forms using pdfFiller

Here’s how you can use pdfFiller to fill PDF form fields.

Fill PDF Forms Workflow
Fill PDF Forms Workflow

How to Fill and Sign PDF Forms with PDF.co (PDFlite)

On the other hand, PDF.co provides completely free PDF filler tools at PDFLite.co and also provides a PDF.co API platform for business users looking to automate filling PDF and PDF forms. Basically, PDF.co gives the power to business users and developers who can create awesome applications with PDF (like pdfFiller). All APIs provided by PDF.co is fast and secure.

Here’s how you can use PDFlite to fill and sign PDF forms.

PDF.co Sample Workflow
PDF.co Sample Workflow

How to Replace Text in PDF using PDF.co

Here’s how you can use PDF.co to replace text content from PDF documents.

PDF.co Replace Text Workflow
PDF.co Replace Text Workflow

How to Fill Forms using PDF.co

Here’s how you can use PDF.co to fill PDF form fields.

PDF.co Fill PDF Forms Workflow
PDF.co Fill PDF Forms Workflow

On-Premises API solutions from PDF.co are also available. Enterprises can host this solution as per server need and the scale is unlimited. ByteScout which is the parent company of PDF.co also provides PDF-related SDKs, so users who don’t want to call APIs can directly integrate SDKs into their projects.

Third-Party Integrations

pdfFiller Integrations

pdfFiller tool has integrations for all major software enterprises, which are as follows.

  • Zapier
  • Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms
  • Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Zoho
  • SharePoint, Office 365, Box, Egnyte, Dropbox, SignNow

PDF.co Integrations with Zapier, Make & Other Automation Platforms

Likewise, PDF.co API is also available on third-party platforms. Here are some of them:

pdfFiller vs PDF.co Documentations

pdfFiller is providing a tool for end-users. It has sample documents (mainly US state documents) as sample documents for users. End-user can choose a sample, and then fill it and proceed with the download. Developers can also connect to PDF Filler via API.

On the other hand, PDF.co is focused on helping with automating e-signatures and pdf tools. It includes hundreds of tutorials showing how to automate e-signatures, adding signatures, PDF manipulation, pdf generation, pdf splitting, and PDF merging so users can quickly create integration.

PDF.co also provides detailed API documentation for software developers. PDF.co API documentation contains in-depth documentation for all available PDF.co API endpoints and functions. Postman collection is also available for all PDF.co API endpoints.

A huge collection of programming snippets are available for PDF.co. Source codes are available in all major programming languages as well as legacy programming languages too. C#, Python, Node, PHP, Java, cURL, etc are some of the languages in which samples are provided.

These source codes are regularly updated. Lots of video documentation is also created, please visit the PDF.co YouTube channel.

By visiting their respective websites and trying out the services firsthand, you can gain a deeper understanding of the specific features, functionalities, and user experiences offered by pdfFiller and PDF.co. This will enable you to make an informed decision based on your unique requirements and preferences.

Thank you for taking the time to read this comparison between pdfFiller and PDF.co. We hope that this overview has provided you with valuable insights into the features and capabilities of these two PDF service providers.

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