One of the easiest ways of getting started with Web API is to use our Postman request collection. Postman is a free-to-download tool for making HTTP requests.

The following steps outline the necessary actions in order for you to install Postman, configure Key presets and gain certainty that everything is working as it should be.

If you prefer, you can explore our API with other tools like curl and the documentation for REST API endpoints.

Install Postman

  • Visit and download the version of Postman required for your platform
  • Install Postman

Import Request Collection

  • Download API v.1.postman_collection.json (.JSON file)
  • Open Postman
    Click Import, click Choose Files and specify API v.1.postman_collection.json file. An import success message appears for each collection imported
  • Click the Eye icon to setup an Environment
  • Click Add
  • Enter an Environment name. for example, MyPDF
  • Copy your API Key for that you can find on in the top Menu in API – Get API Key
  • Enter a Key and a Value
  • Enter x-api-key as key field
  • Paste your api key into value field
  • Click Add to save this key-value pair. This will allow you to use your api key with all requests in the collection

Now you can explore Web API collection with your API Key.