About Integromat

Integromat is an advanced online automation platform. It helps you seamlessly connect your apps/services and automate manual processes without the need for code. It is a very popular platform for integrating various online services together.

Integromat works by linking together your favorite apps and services. It has a visual editor that helps you create and design your workflow and watch it work in real-time. In order to access the visual editor and automate your tasks, you have to create a Scenario. This scenario is composed of a series of modules that visually represents how information is transferred and processed between apps and services.

Integromat also offers advanced built-in functions such as Router, Iterators, Aggregators, etc., to help you easily manipulate processes such as data duplication, bundle data into an array, and many more.

To learn how to use PDF.co with Integromat, check out our tutorials below.

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Getting Started with Integromat

PDF.co plugin for Integromat is available as a Beta version with limited functionality.

Start here:

open PDF.co in Integromat app store

Or just search for PDF.co in the list of Integromat modules and apps to add to your scenario.

Integromat Features

  • Editor to create and watch scenarios work in real-time
  • Support for commonly used Excel functions
  • Built-in routers and divide scenario into multiple routes
  • Error handlers
  • Aggregators and Iterators
  • HTTP request and JSON parse support

Integromat Tutorials

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