Docparser is a software tool designed to automate the extraction of data from documents. It simplifies the process of extracting structured data from documents such as PDFs, invoices, receipts, and various other file formats.

Below are the TOP-10 best Docparser alternatives in 2023.

  2. Tabula
  3. Rossum
  4. Parseur
  5. ABBYY FlexiCapture
  6. Amazon Textract
  7. Ephesoft Transact
  8. Nanonets
  9. Parascript
  10. Klippa

1. is an API platform that offers document parsing capabilities, including extracting data from PDF and other document formats. It provides features such as text extraction, data extraction, and document analysis. Screenshot

Key Features

  • PDF generation
  • PDF split and merge
  • PDF editing
  • Document Parser
  • PDF form filling
  • PDF security
  • OCR
  • File storage
  • Document automation Integrations

2. Tabula

Tabula is an open-source tool that extracts tabular data from PDF documents. It provides a user-friendly interface for selecting and exporting tables from PDFs.


Key Features

  • Extracts data from PDF tables into structured formats.
  • Supports multiple file formats, including PDF and scanned images.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for selecting and extracting table data.
  • Allows customization of extraction rules and templates.
  • Supports command-line interface automation.

Tabula Integrations

  • Supports integration with Python scripts for data extraction.
  • Can be used as a library in Java applications.

3. Rossum

Rossum is an AI-powered document extraction platform that specializes in invoice data extraction. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to extract structured data from invoices and other document types.


Key Features

  • AI Image Processing
  • AP Automation Software
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology
  • Image Extraction
  • PDF Data Extractor
  • Invoice Processing Automation
  • Intelligent Processing Automation

Rossum Integrations

  • API for integration with external system;
  • Box and Dropbox;
  • Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate.

4. Parseur

Parseur is a cloud-based document parsing software that enables you to extract text and structured data from emails, attachments, and other documents. It offers integration with various platforms, including email services and cloud storage providers.


Key Features

  • Import: All-in-one document processing software.
  • Extract: State-of-the-art parsing tool.
  • Export: Your data where you need it, instantly.
  • Control: Full control of your data.

Parseur Integrations

  • Gmail and Outlook;
  • Google Drive and Dropbox;
  • Zapier and Make.
  • Google Sheets;
  • Microsoft Power Automate;
  • Webhooks;
  • Getswift.

5. ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture is an enterprise-grade document capture and data extraction solution. It supports processing various document types and offers advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for accurate data extraction.

ABBYY Flexicapture

Key Features

  • Cloud Availability.
  • Technology Leadership.
  • Enterprise Readiness.
  • Ready-to-use solutions for SMBs and enterprises.
  • Timeline integration for FlexiCapture solution.

ABBYY Flexicapture Integrations

  • UI Path;
  • Blue Prism;
  • Automation Anywhere;
  • Laserfiche;
  • M-files;
  • Pegasystems.

6. Amazon Textract

Amazon Textract is a cloud-based service that Amazon Web Services (AWS) automatically extracts text and data from documents. It supports various formats, including PDF, and offers features like recognition and table extraction.

AWS Amazon Textract

Key Features

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Analyze Lending
  • Form Extraction
  • Table Extraction
  • Signature Detection
  • Query Based Extraction
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Invoices and Receipts
  • Identity Documents
  • Bounding Boxes
  • Adjustable Confidence Thresholds
  • Built-in Human Review Workflow
  • Amazon Textract Pricing

Amazon Textract Integrations

  • Amazon S3, Amazon DB, and AWS Lambda;
  • SDK’s for programming languages and platforms.

7. Ephesoft Transact

Ephesoft Transact is an intelligent document capture and data extraction platform. It utilizes machine learning and AI algorithms to automate document processing tasks, such as classification, extraction, and validation.

Ephesoft Transact

Key Features

  • Universal Document Automation supports unknown document types out of the box.
  • Document Design Accelerator for even faster, easier setup.
  • OCR, ICR, OMR, and HWR all in one easy-to-use platform.
  • Advanced handwriting (cursive and handprint) extraction with up to 88% character recognition.
  • AI Table Rule Builder for quick line item extraction.
  • AI-powered classification with operator calibration control.
  • Multi-language support including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Polish, Chinese, and Thai.
  • Cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployment options.
  • Integration with workflow, RPA, iPaaS, ERP, BPM, LOS, EHR, CRM, and ECM systems.
  • Web Services, APIs, and connector documentation for easy customization.
  • Linux and Windows server support: flexible, scalable, and fast deployment.
  • Patented machine learning classification and extraction technology.
  • Rapid ID capture capabilities with over 1,000 pre-trained forms of ID and passports.
  • Advanced reporting to optimize system performance.

Ephesoft Transact Integrations

  • Workflow;
  • RPA;
  • iPaaS;
  • ERP;
  • BPM;
  • LOS;
  • EHR;
  • CRM;
  • ECM;

8. Nanonets

Nanonets is an AI-powered document extraction platform that offers per-built models for extracting data from invoices, receipts, and other document types. It provides an API for integrating document processing capabilities into your applications.


Key Features

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Converters
  • PDF Scraper
  • Website Scraper
  • Barcode Scanner

Nanonets Integrations

  • SAP;
  • Xero;
  • Salesforce;
  • Google Chrome;
  • Quickbooks;
  • Yardi;
  • Sag;
  • Google Sheets;
  • Google Drive and Dropbox;
  • Sharepoint and Zapier;
  • Gmail.

9. Parascript

Parascript is an automated data extraction and recognition software specializing in handwritten and cursive text recognition. It offers solutions for various document processing tasks, including recognition and signature verification.


Key Features

  • Intelligent Document Recognition (IDM)
  • Data Extraction
  • Hand Writing Recognition
  • Document Classification
  • Data Validation and Verification
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Parascript Integrations

  • API and SDKs;
  • RPA;
  • ECM;
  • ERP;
  • Microsoft Power Automate;
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

10. Klippa

Klippa is a document processing platform that provides OCR and data extraction capabilities. It supports various document types and offers features like invoice, receipt extraction, and data validation.


Key Features

  • Document Scanning
  • Classifying documents and data
  • Document format and quality conversions
  • Document to text with OCR
  • (Cross)Validating data and documents
  • Data extraction on documents
  • Document management
  • Workflow optimization

Klippa Integrations

  • Xero, Oracle NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Odoo;
  • Sage, Exact Online, Exact Globe, Software Gemak, Twinfield;
  • Asperion, Minox, Informer, VismaNet, AFAS Software, Quickbooks;
  • UIpath, Mendix, Automation Anywhere, and Betty Blocks.


Docparser and its alternatives are powerful tools designed to extract data from various documents such as invoices, receipts, PDFs, and scanned images. Using advanced technologies like OCR, machine learning, and natural language processing, these solutions automate the process of extracting structured data from unstructured documents. Whether extracting specific fields from invoices or capturing relevant information from emails, these alternatives offer accurate and efficient data extraction capabilities.