As a business, you may have to convert XLS/XLSX to HTML, since HTML is formatted well for readers, compared to XLS/XLSX. However, it can be a tedious process if you decide to do it manually. Fortunately, with API tools such as ours, you don’t have to do bulk XLS/XLSX to HTML conversions manually.

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Benefits of XLS/XLSX to HTML API

Apart from being able to convert Excel to HTML with formatting efficiently, our API offers you other important benefits. They include:

Secure Conversions

Our API is hosted on secure servers provided by Amazon’s AWS. Furthermore, each connection you make with our servers is encrypted with SSL. That protects your private and confidential data from attacks when you upload or download it.

Budget Priced API

Unlike other services, we only charge you for what you use, thanks to our credit-based system. Furthermore, the more credits you buy, the less you pay. In that regard, doing bulk conversion is highly cost-effective.

Battle Tested

We have tested with different program languages and PDF file encodings. Therefore, you can confidently use it with commonly used XLS to HTML conversion languages:

  • XLSX to HTML Python
  • XLSX to HTML Table
  • XLSX to HTML C#
  • XLS to HTML
  • XLSX to HTML Linux
  • XLSX to HTML PowerShell

How to Convert XLSX to HTML with Our API

You can convert your XLSX or XLS files to HTML using our API in three simple steps, as outlined below. The only thing to watch out for is the file size limit. The files you convert should be less than 2GB.

Step 1: Get Upload Link

You need an upload link to send your XLSX file to our API for conversion. To get the upload link, you can call “/file/upload/get-presigned-url” method. The API will return the upload link “presignedUrl” and the access link “URL”.

Step 2: Upload File to XLSX to HTML API

You can now upload your Excel or Open sheet file for conversion to HTML. To do that, use the “PUT” method to send the XLS/XLSX file to “presignedUrl”. Moreover, you have to send it within 30 minutes after you get the upload link.

Step 3: Execute XLSX to HTML API

Once your file is uploaded, you can now call the /xls/convert/to/html or /xlsx/convert/to/html methods, by including the access “URL” and your API access key. Your files will be converted and made available for download within 25 seconds.

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How to Run XLS/XLSX to HTML API Asynchronously

You will get a time-out error after 25 seconds if you attempt to convert a large XLS/XLSX file synchronously. The solution is to run the execution asynchronously and in the background. To do that, you must set the “async” input param to “true”.

The API will immediately create a background job, and return a unique “jobId” property, and an output “URL”. You can use the “jobId” to check the status of the task, and the “URL” to access the file, once the conversion is complete.

To check the execution status of the job, you can use the “/job/check” method and then wait for it to output a “success” status. Once you get a success status, you can download the HTML file from the “URL”.

You can check here, to view the additional code samples, or contact our support team, if you have any questions concerning using our API tool.

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