How to Generate Report with Data from using and Zapier

In this tutorial we will show you how to generate a PDF Report with New User data from using and Zapier.

Step 1: Open and Set Trigger Event

To get started, let’s choose as the App and New User as the Trigger Event.

Screenshot of Trigger Event

Step 2: Test the Trigger

Next, we will test the Trigger to make sure that it’s set up correctly.

Screenshot of Test trigger

Great! The Trigger worked and found a New User in the system.

Screenshot of user found after test trigger

Step 3: Set Up to Generate the PDF Report

Let’s set as the App and Anything to PDF Converter as the Action Event.

Screenshot of Action Event

Step 4: Configure the Anything to PDF Converter

We will generate a PDF Report using HTML Code and fetch the New User data from To do this, let’s configure the Anything to PDF Converter.

  • In the Input Type field, select Raw HTML code.
  • In the Input field, enter the HTML code and select the corresponding Name and ID Number.
Screenshot of Set up action

Step 5: Test & Review Data

We can now send the Anything to PDF Converter data to to Test & Review.

Screenshot of Test action

Step 6: View and Download the PDF Report

Great! returned a temporary URL to view and download the PDF Report. Kindly copy and paste the URL to your browser to see the Report.

Screenshot of successful Test action

Hurray! We have successfully generated a PDF Report with New User data from

Screenshot of Generated PDF Report with New User Data from
Screenshot of Generated PDF Report with New User Data from

In this tutorial, we learned how to get New User data from We used that New User data to create a New User PDF Report. And, we also learned how to create a PDF Report using HTML code with Anything to PDF Converter in

Note: You can add another step to automatically save all the generated PDF Reports in Google Drive or Dropbox depending on your requirement.

This is another example of how and Zapier can generate PDF documents such as reports and invoices by extracting data from other files and digital forms. We have dozens of other tutorials related to this one such as: