How to Extract Text from PDF and Paste in Excel using Python and Web API

Extract Text from PDF and Paste in Excel

  1. Download Files
  2. Install Requests Module
  3. Add API Key
  4. Add PDF Invoice
  5. Run Program
  6. Demo

Here’s one more guide about invoice data extraction. In this tutorial, we will convert a PDF to Excel in Python using the PDF Extractor Web API. Below is the image of our sample PDF Invoice and its Excel output.

Sample PDF Invoice And Excel Output
Sample PDF Invoice and Excel Output

Step 1: Download Files

First, let’s download the Python code and the sample PDF Invoice to our local machine. You can get the files here.

Step 2: Install Requests Module

Next, let’s install the requests module in Python. Kindly open your command line (cmd.exe) and enter this command python -m pip install requests.

Install Requests Module

Step 3: Add API Key

Then, let’s open the Python code in Visual Studio Code or in your preferred editor. Add your API Key in line 6. You can get it in your Dashboard here.

Add API Key

Step 4: Add PDF Invoice

In line 12, type in the source sample PDF Invoice. You can add your desired output filename in line 18 or leave the default value.

Add Sample PDF Invoice And Output Filename

Step 5: Run Program

Now let’s run the program and check the folder to see the output.

Run Python Program

Step 6: Demo

Here’s the PDF Extractor Web API in action. PDF To Excel Web API Demo
PDF Extractor Web API Demo

In this tutorial, you learned how to extract PDF contents and paste them into Excel using Python. You learned to use the PDF Extractor Web API to easily convert a PDF to Excel. You also learned how to get started with PDF Extractor Web API right away using the Python sample code.

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