Generate PDF with DocuSign Envelope Data using and Zapier

In this tutorial, we will show you how to generate PDF with DocuSign Envelope data using and Zapier. We will use the sample data from DocuSign Envelope below.

  1. Create Zap
  2. Choose App and Trigger Event
  3. Set up Trigger
  4. Test Trigger Result
  5. Add App and Action Event
  6. Set up Action
  7. Test Result
  8. PDF Output
Sample DocuSign Envelope Data
Sample DocuSign Envelope Data

Step 1: Create Zap

To begin, click the Create Zap button at the upper left corner of your dashboard.

Step 2: Choose App and Trigger Event

Next, select the DocuSign app and choose the Envelope Sent or Completed as the Trigger Event.

Choose App and Trigger Event

Step 3: Set up Trigger

Then, set up the Trigger Event.

  • In the Status field, select the Envelopes’ status to filter.
  • In the Download form data field, set it to No.

Set up Trigger

Then, click the Test Trigger button.

Step 4: Test Trigger Result

Good! The trigger test was successful. We will now proceed to the next step.

Test Trigger Result

Step 5: Add App and Action Event

Now, let’s add another app. Select the app and choose the Anything to PDF Converter for the Action Event.

Add App and Action Event

Step 6: Set up Action

Let’s configure the Anything to PDF Converter.

  • In the Input Type field, select the Raw HTML code.
  • In the Input field, type in your HTML code together with the data from DocuSign Envelope.
  • In the Name field, enter your desired PDF output name.

Set up Action Event

Now, click the Test and Review button.

Step 7: Test Result

Excellent! You can copy and paste the generated temporary URL in your browser to view the output.

Test Result

Step 8: PDF Output

Here’s the generated PDF from DocuSign Envelope data.

Generated PDF Output
Generated PDF Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to generate PDF from DocuSign Envelope data using and Zapier. You also saw how to set up DocuSign to access its data in Zapier. Finally, you learned how to use the Anything to PDF Converter to generate PDF from Raw HTML Code.

This is just one example of some of the amazing things you can do when you integrate as a plug-in to Zapier. You can also generate PDFs from data taken from the following digital forms with this integration: