PDF to TIFF conversion allows you to save data and images from a PDF, as an image. There are many reasons why you would want to do that. However, the primary reason is to have your information in the form of a quality image.

The fastest way to convert a PDF to TIFF with 300 DPI or more is to use our online PDF to TIFF API converter.

You can even start with a FREE account now!

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Why Use Our PDF to TIFF API?


With information comes responsibility. You may need to convert sensitive information from a PDF to a TIFF image online. But you don’t want to find that same image on some random page later on. That can happen if you use tools that don’t offer you data privacy.


Fortunately, our PDF to TIFF API converter is secured using SSL technology, and the API runs from Amazon’s secure AWS servers. Furthermore, each file is auto-deleted after 1 hour, to protect it from unauthorized access. You also have an option to delete your files using the “delete” method.

Overall, when you need to convert your PDFs to TIFF files online, securely, and efficiently, our budget PDF to TIFF converter can do the job.

How to Upload and Convert PDF to TIFF with Our API Tool

You can use the API’s temporary storage to upload and store the PDF you want to convert to a PDF. The file has to be less than 2GB, and you must use it within 1 hour. Otherwise, you will have to upload it again.

Step 1: Get Upload API Link

You need an upload link to upload your file, and you can request from the API. To do that call “/file/upload/get-presigned-url”, and you will receive a “presignedUrl” link for uploading your PDF/s, and “URL” to access the uploaded file.

Step 2: Upload PDF File

Next, you need to upload your PDF to the “presignedUrl” link from step 1, using the “PUT” method, within 30 minutes. If you don’t then you have to repeat step 1. If the PDF file exceeds 2GB, you may get an upload or API execution error.

Step 3: Call API to Convert PDF to TIFF

The final step is to use the “URL” from step 1 call the “/pdf/convert/to/tiff” API method to convert the PDF to TIFF. However, you must set the “x-api-key” URL param to your API key, which you can request here.

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Convert PDF to TIFF APP – Asynchronous Execution

You can convert large PDFs to TIFFs, but you have to run conversion in “async” mode. If you fail to do so, the execution will fail, and return a timeout error, after 25 seconds.

To enable the “async” mode, you must set the “async” input parameter to “true”. The API method will respond by outputting a “jobId” and a corresponding output “URL”. You can use the “URL” to access the TIFF file/s, once the conversion is complete.

Furthermore, you can check the execution status of that job, using the “jobId” property and “/job/check” method. The request will return a “success” status, once the job is complete.

You can learn more about executing the API, or contact our support team if you have further questions.

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