In this tutorial, we will show you how to extract a Wells Fargo Statement using Document Parser.

  1. Open Document Parser
  2. Create New Template
  3. Open Statement in PDF Format
  4. Copy Template
  5. Template Objects
  6. Field from Text Search
  7. Table from Text Search
  8. Run and Save Template

Step 1 – Open Document Parser

To begin, please log in to your account and open the Document Parser.

Go to Document Parser

Step 2 – Create New Template

Click on the New Template button to create a new template.

Click New Template

Step 3 – Open Statement in PDF Format

Once you’re inside the Online Template Editor, click on the Load Test PDF button to load the statement.

Load Source File

Step 4 – Copy Template

Now, click on the Edit Raw Template button next to the Load Test PDF button. Copy the Wells Fargo template code from this sample and paste it into the editor and update.

Copy And Paste Wells Fargo Statement Template Code

Step 5 – Template Objects

This template is made up mostly of Text Seach fields and a Search-based table. To add more objects, click on the Add Objects button on the upper left.

Template Objects

Step 6 – Field from Text Search

The Text Search fields use macros or Regex to find specific text such as Account Number and return its value.

Field From Text Search Object

Step 7 – Table from Text Search

Similar to the Text Search fields, the Search-based table uses macros or Regex as well. It also requires the start and end expressions so the engine knows where the table begins and ends.

Other table properties include columns, rows, column coordinates, multipage, and more. To learn more about expressions, please use check out this guide.

Table From Text Search Object

Step 8 – Run and Save Template

Once everything is set, click on the Run Template button to make sure that you get your desired result. And, Save the Template to use it in your Document Parser API call.

Save Document Parser Template

In this tutorial, you learned how to create a Document Parser template for the Wells Fargo Statement. Find other tutorials on how to extract PDF bank statements.

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