PDF.co Customer Testimonials

PDF.co reduced the processing time by more than 90%

PDF.co was used to determine the structure of each document, to extract each document’s field names, and to have those mapped to different database values. Using PDF.co reduced the time to fill documents by more than 90%.

Stephen O’Grady

Orishnal Digital Services

PDF.co saved 2 to 3 hrs of manual labor weekly

We use it to convert HTML order invoices to PDF and add text within a certain part of the first page. PDFco has saved us 2 to 3 hours of manual labor every week and eliminates the possibility of human error.

Joshua Smith


PDF.co is a time saver!

That's perfect, I just tested it and it works perfectly now! You just can't imagine what a time saver and life changer your service is. Now I can produce certificates just with google tables instead of a complicated windows-program 🙂 I bought a big amount of credits and will recommend your service. Liebe Grüße

Michael Gasperl

Multiple benefits after using PDF.co

The employee saves around 22 hours a month. The modified document contains no errors anymore. The delivery department got the modified document in 15-30 min right after the supplier’s inquiry instead of 2-6 hours as it was before.

Alexander Zhitmarev

Key to automation

PDF.co + Zapier was key in automating the delivery of unique assets from the collection of PDFs, which allowed the business to put this revenue stream on autopilot.

Troy Tessalone

Automation Ace

Saves time and money

As a part of a workflow in Zapier & Make, PDF.co is used to generate and merge documents with data from other sources. Time and Money are saved by processing the documents automatically.

Mohammad Zubair Sadiek


Quick turnaround - saved a lot of time

A quick turnaround related to anything to do with the PDF part of the project. Saved us a lot of development time.

David Treves

Get Automated

PDF.co saved a lot of time!

PDF.co was used to upload and convert all of the files into a single PDF format. Then with the PDF format, we are able to manage the PDF file and store it easily. For sure we can save a lot of time. More effectively to go to market with a proper solution.

MK Chan


PDF.co has been a great tool!

I had to automate a flow from the JIRA service desk to bind an issue and generate PDF. It was pretty straightforward but generating PDF was troublesome. That's how I landed on PDF.co. Although I have used most of the credits of the account on the first day and didn't get to try more. despite the fact, by the little time I had with PDF.co, felt amazing.

Rahul Mohoto

CS Student

Automated 10 monthly hours of work

I used PDF.co’s API and Zapier integration for filling and flattening a PDF form as well as combining all the reports into one PDF. Before my integration, my clients were spending upwards of 10 hours per month putting reports together and sending to their clients. Now, that process is all entirely automated!

Andrew Mitchell

Saved dozens of work hours

PDF.co makes the general handling and processing of PDF documents easier – which is highly useful for a number of automated processes. Using PDF.co + Zapier to help manage the preparation of documents for filing claims has saved the client dozens of work hours and associated costs per week – and allowed them to scale the number of clients they can support.

Andrew Davison


Processing time got reduced with PDF.co

We were able to reduce the processing time. I am satisfied that the work that took about 5 minutes to process one PDF file can be automated in a few seconds.



The new process saves time

We’re going to save so much time every month using this new process, which in turn, allows us to focus even more on our clients’ projects.

Joe Unsworth

Joe Unsworth Creative

Efficient and customizable

Extremely efficient and no code tools to help extract and automate tasks. The tools are highly customizable. Perfectly custom and tailored workflows to help our customers automate both easy and complex manual tasks.

Endre M.


PDF.co saves development expenses

The previous solution was fully custom coded via PHP and hosted on wordpress. This made any minor change to the data and/or PDF files a major hassle to update. WIth PDF.co we are able to make changes a few times a year very easily. This will save the client in development expenses down the line.

Andrew Silva

Support Sidekick

Beautiful, fast and reliable PDF

PDF.co was wrapping a Google document and turning it into a PDF. A PDF that is slick, beautiful, fast, and reliable to be sent to the customer using automation.

Lior Vaknin

Lior Vaknin Automation

Finally found PDF.co and am very happy now!

I’ve been struggling with PDF documents (reading text from PDF documents and searching for a text inside), we use a lot of different ones, and it’s always been difficult to find one API and that can do everything we need at an affordable price. Well, I’ve just stumbled across PDF.co (PDF.co Document Parser and PDF text search), what a difference it’s made! I’m sure most of you know it, but if you don’t and you want to manipulate PDFs – check it out. I’m doing stuff automatically that I wasn’t able to do manually with Adobe Acrobat. I wish I’d found it earlier.

Howard London Jennings

Thanks for your help, from a very happy customer!

I had this problem (Word Doc (on Dropbox) to PDF conversion) and you have responded swiftly and fixed it. I am so chuffed to get this part of my workflow working and really grateful for the extra credits (…the icing on the cake). Thanks for your help, from a very happy customer!

Allan W.

Solutions Architect

The template for PDF.co Document Parser is perfect

You guys are amazing. The template for PDF.co Document Parser is perfect, works perfect. For sure I will subscribe soon to integrate all this stuff in my business.


Desguace de Árbol

You guys rock!

Philip Gomez

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts

You have a great product, my compliments!



PDF.co Works with Zapier like a Dream

PDF.co makings working with PDFs + Zapier a dream. No more manually entering in data from my invoices. Love it!

Brian Dao