In this tutorial. we will show you how to extract a JPMorgan Chase Statement using Document Parser.

  1. Open Account
  2. New Template
  3. Load Test PDF
  4. Add Object
  5. Add Expression
  6. Run Template
  7. Template Result
  8. Save Template

We will use this sample JPMorgan Chase Statement in this tutorial.

Screenshot of JPMorgan Chase Statement
Screenshot of JPMorgan Chase Statement

Step 1: Open Account

  • First, log into your account and click on the Document Parser menu.

Open Account

Step 2: New Template

  • Next, click on the New Template button.

Create New Template

Step 3: Load Test PDF

  • Then, click on the Load Test PDF button to load the source file.

Load Test PDF

Step 4: Add Object

  • After loading the source file, click on the Add Object button and choose the Add Table from Text Search.

.Add Object

Step 5: Add Expression

  • The Search-based table requires the start and end expressions so the engine knows where the table begins and ends. To learn more about expressions, please check out this guide.

Add Expression

"autoDetection": {
"tableIndex": -1,
"pageIndex": 0
"start": {
"expression": "DATE{{Spaces}}DESCRIPTION",
"regex": true
"end": {
"expression": "Total Deposits and Additions",
"regex": true
"row": {
"expression": "{{LineStart}}{{Spaces}}(?<date>{{SentenceWithSingleSpaces}}){{Spaces}}(?<description>{{SentenceWithSingleSpaces}})(?<amount>{{Anything}}){{LineEnd2}}",
"regex": true
"columns": [
"name": "Date",
"dataType": "string"
"name": "Description",
"dataType": "string"
"name": "Amount",
"dataType": "string"

Step 6: Run Template

  • After adding the expression, you may now run the template.

Run Template

Step 7: Template Result

  • Here’s the extracted table data from the statement.

Template Result

Step 8: Save Template

  • Once you are done, click on the Save Template and Return buttons.

Save Template and Return

In this tutorial, you learned how to extract a JPMorgan Chase Statement using Document Parser. Find more tutorials on how to extract bank statements in PDF format.

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