A Bank of America bank statement is a document that provides an account holder with a record of their financial transactions and account balance over a specific period of time. Bank of America issues monthly statements to its customers, which include details about account activity, such as deposits, withdrawals, and purchases made with a debit card.

The statement will also show any fees or charges associated with the account, including overdraft fees or monthly maintenance fees. Bank of America bank statements can be accessed online through the bank’s website or mobile app or can be mailed to the account holder’s address on file. A statement is an important tool for managing personal finances, as it helps to track spending and ensure that account activity is accurate and authorized.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to extract a Bank of America Statement using PDF.co Document Parser. Here are the main steps to proceed:

  1. PDF.co Document Parser
  2. Create New Template
  3. Load Source File
  4. Click Add Object
  5. Add Another Object
  6. Run Template
  7. Template Result
  8. Save Template
  9. Extract Bank of America Statements – Video Guide

We will use this sample Bank of America Statement in this tutorial. Find more tutorials on extraction of bank statements in PDF.

Sample Bank of America Statement
Sample Bank of America Statement

Step 1: PDF.co Document Parser

  • To begin. First, log into your PDF.co account and click on the Document Parser menu.

PDF.co Document Parser

Step 2: Create New Template

  • On the Document Parser page, click on the New Template button.

Create New Template

Step 3: Load Source File

  • Next, click on the Load Test PDF button to load the source file.

Load Source File

Step 4: Click Add Object

  • Then, click on the Add Object button and choose the Add Field from Rectangle Selection.
  • Drag the rectangle into the text you’d like to parse data.

Click Add Object

Step 5: Add Another Object

  • Let’s add another object and choose the Add Field from Text Search.
  • For the Expression, use macros to find specific text such as Account Number and return its value. Account Number:{{Spaces}}(?<value>{{Digits}}{{Spaces}}{{Digits}}{{Spaces}}{{Digits}}). To learn more about expressions, please check out this guide.
  • Then, tick on the Regex box.

Add Another Object

Step 6: Run Template

  • Once you’re done setting up, you may now run the template.

Run Template

Step 7: Template Result

  • Here’s the output that we extracted from the statement.

Template Result

Step 8: Save Template

  • After creating the template and getting your desired output. You may now save it.

Save Template and Return

In this tutorial, you learned how to extract a Bank of America Statement using PDF.co Document Parser. You also learned how to create a new template.

Extract Bank of America Statements – Video Guide

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