No-Code platforms are fairly new but people in the endeavor are speaking about them. Every industry leader is pushing to find out how they can use these in their digital changeover voyages. This article is all about the top 20 no-code experts on Twitter. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

1. Ben Tossell (@bentossell)

Ben Tossell is one of the most recognized no-code specialists since the commencement of the activity. He launched no-code teaching via his company Makerpad, which is now procured by Zapier. His mission is to exemplify that learners don’t need to know to code to create a business on the internet and automate the job.

2. Karthik Puvvada (@thisiskp_)

Karthik is a “Create in Public” preacher and is presently working as a Program Director of No-Code Fellowship at Beondeck. He consistently communicates development plans for makers. Karthik is one of the most skilled no-code champions out there on Twitter.

3. Sarkis Buniatyan (@SarkisBuniatyan)

Sarkis is behind reconstructing Civilization VI, an RPG game without penning any programming code. He did this by using Webflow. He is a businessman, a Product Designer, and a Webflow professional. He is one of the most informative no-code Twitter accounts.

4. Janel SGM (@JanelSGM)

Janel is a no-code specialist who likes Building in Public. She regularly gives thoughts on how to turn business visions into products quickly employing no-code. She’s also a newsletter specialist and one of the best no-code Twitter accounts.

5. Doc Williams (@_docwilliams)

Doc Williams, is a famous LCNC leader, bigwig, Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and Founder of The Brand Factory. He assists a broad spectrum of businesses and brands use their information to make a mark in their enterprise. His affection for the no-code platform is virulent as he has an exceptional knack for creating what appeared unthinkable, imaginable. He has utilized one no-code tool to create three companies.

6. Michael Gill (@gill_works)

Michael Gill is one of the prominent names in the no-code community and is one of the finest no-code motivators out there on Twitter. Community expansion is certainly significant for Michael; he is of the view that employees should not be involved in exercises that do not greatly help the business. He plainly wants to enable them to perform more meaningfully by automating everything else. He is a must-follow account on Twitter.

7. Lacey Kelser (@LaceyKesler)

Lacey Kelser is an example of women’s help in the no-code world. Lacey’s no-code talented crew supplies all types of assistance to publicize and help women’s development in the world of graphical development. Her travel with no code stemmed from a passion for visuals and a deficiency of affection for coding. She conveys her tale on her website, podcast, and YouTube channel. Another must-follow account on Twitter.

8. Issac Sacolick (@nyike)

Issac Sacolick has a huge experience in the industry. He is the Founder of StarCIO, a company supporting every enterprise’s success with digital, product evolution, information, and excellent technology. He earlier worked as CIO for BusinessWeek. If you want to follow the no-code information and innovations closely then Issac’s Twitter account is the best place.

9. Bram Kanstein (@bramk)

Bram Kanstein is a no-code development creator who also guides the same individuals who are not well-skilled in no-code with an online study named; it has come to be understood as the most thriving outcome on Product Hunt ever. He found out about the no-code via and created his websites with it. He then grew upon his startup with industrialization by utilizing Zapier and handling assignments by employing Trello. Utilizing all this wisdom, he gathered a “stash” of data and tools for companies all over. A company to assist you to create startups, startupstash alleviates managing concepts by the huge number of people with company starters who cannot write code.

10. Stephen Charles(@stephen_nocode)

Stephen Charles is a Visual Developer who is creating NoCode web apps with Bubble since 2015. According to him, if you don’t know how to code but desire to create a micro SaaS then you should learn bubble by investing in a sound Bubble course so you can evolve into a state-of-the-art no-code developer and begin creating software.

11. Max Haining (@HainingMax)

Max launched the 100 Days of no-code society. In this, numerous designers gather to communicate and understand. Besides familiarizing no-code newbies with his online study, he’s presently creating TryHive. This is one of the best no-code accounts on Twitter.

12. Mackenzie Child (@mackenziechild)

Mackenzie is a creator, no-code expert, and Webflow specialist, who guides web app structure with Webflow and other combinations with informative manuals. He produces simple and applicable templates for no-code designers to create faster.

13. Andy Wingrave (@andywingrave)

Andy is a certified professional in integration implements like Zapier and Integromat. If you like to know automation by utilizing no-code, Andy is the professional to follow on Twitter. Andy can also assist you to create your tools. He is one of the most knowledgeable no-code experts out there.

14. Felix Wong (@felix12777)

Felix is a venture creator, businessperson, and researcher. Follow him to know about the latest no-code developments, companies, and vending your online business.

15. Luc Meijer (@NoCodeLuc)

Luc Meijer is a no-coder expert and Notion specialist who has explored and organized more than 1500 useful no-code tools. If you really want to dive into the no-code world then such tools will be useful. He has an informative Twitter account.

16. Gregory John (@_gregoryjohn)

Gregory is a professional and a Bootcamp lecturer at Yale. One can follow Gregory on Twitter to understand how to create industry-top mobile applications without writing any code on He is one of the no-code experts who have an array of no-code courses.

17. Temir lan (@optemized)

Temir is a productivity specialist, who is operating Optimization – a company that creates Notion templates for businesses. All the templates are no-code and can be created quickly. One can expand their understanding of digital productivity by utilizing Notion by following him on Twitter.

18. Ivan Zhao (@ivanhzhao)

Ivan Zhao is the creator of Notion, one of the most vibrant tools utilized by no-code designers and various other companies for innovative products. He is one of the most skilled no-code experts out there. One can follow him for new wisdom, and informative writings.

19. Vlad Magdalin (@callmevlad)

Vlad Magdalin is the inventor of Webflow. Webflow is one of the no-code instruments that allow users to create websites without writing any single piece of code. He regularly delivers the latest platform updates and announcements. One of the most informative Twitter accounts.

20. Sharath (@5harath)

Sharath has co-founded the It is a platform that helps developers to get the authority of their social worth achieved on Twitter. He also regulates no-code community agendas at Product Hunt.