PDF.co platform provides a way to easily automate webpage to PDF and HTML to PDF generation. Output PDF files are high-quality and ready for printing and archiving. Moreover, you can use other PDF tools to further process generated PDF files.

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Why use Webpage to PDF and HTML to PDF Automation

Automatically Save Important Pages

Instead of manual saving of web pages and links to PDF you can automate this process using the PDF.co automation platform. It will automatically generate PDF from a given link.

Keep Original Webpage Layout

When you save a web page to PDF, you get to maintain the layout and format of the content as it was when you saw it. With our website to PDF tool, you can save any website page you want with just two steps.


Fully featured HTML to PDF conversion is supported by the PDF.co platform. It includes CSS styles, JavaScript-based manipulations, and printing-ready full colors and high-quality images.

API and Business Automation Platforms Integrations

PDF.co platform can be used by software developers from programming languages such as Javascript, PHP, Java, .NET and ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic, and many others.

If you are not a developer then you can also easily automate your PDF operations through business automation platforms such as Zapier, Integromat, and hundreds of others.

On-Prem and Private Instances for Enterprise

PDF.co platform runs on secure and certified cloud infrastructure but Enterprise customers required to process sensitive data in-house can go with the on-premise version that can be installed on your server and can work completely offline when required.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Convert HTML to PDF

How Can I Save an Entire Web Page as a PDF?

You can save an entire Web page as a PDF by using our Webpage to PDF Online API. The API platform is designed to save large web pages fast, saving you valuable time. You will also be happy to know that the quality of the images on the pages will not be degraded, and the PDFs will be of minimal sizes and high quality.

Our Webpage to PDF API uses lossless compression. That guarantees you that the Web pages you save will not take much of your space, and you can share them easily. However, if you need to compress your files further, you have an option to use our PDF compression, which enables you to get maximum compression, saving you valuable disk space.

How Do I Convert HTML to PDF

The API can help you to convert any published HTML content to PDFs. Just use your API credits for this. The PDF files will be automatically generated from the HTML content you provide, and the API will do the HTML to PDF conversion for you.

For example, we recommend this API feature for those looking for ways to convert HTML tutorials to PDFs so that they can access them offline. The converted PDFs are also of small sizes, and therefore easily shareable. As an added functionality, you can choose to store the converted files in your Google Drive, or your Dropbox accounts, instead of downloading them. Otherwise, you can convert PDF files to other available formats.

Budget HTML to PDF Conversion

The cost of converting HTML to PDF using PDF.co API is quite low, especially when you do bulk conversations. You can check this table for more details. Generally, any credit will cost you 1 cent or even less depending on your plan.

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