How You Can Use Zapier to Automate Your Business

It often seems like there aren't enough hours in the day, especially when you're caught up in routine tasks. While you can't entirely eliminate these chores, automation can help reclaim some of your time for more meaningful work.

Consider these top 5 ways to automate tasks in your business with Zapier:

  1. Add pages to documents or contracts
  2. Populate PDF certificates and forms with client details
  3. Pull text from PDF invoices or similar documents
  4. Secure private documents with passwords
  5. Convert your files into print-friendly format

Step 1: Add pages to documents or contracts

Adding a page to an existing PDF can be a time-consuming task, especially when it involves converting images, spreadsheets, or other documents into PDF format first.

However, this process can be streamlined through automation with the app on Zapier. can separate the PDF and then reassemble it with the new page included. Setting up this workflow is quick and straightforward, taking no longer than 3 minutes. See how it works in the tutorial below.

Split and Merge PDF with using Zapier

Step 2: Populate PDF certificates and forms with client details

Manually copying and pasting information into a PDF form is straightforward but becomes tedious with repetition.

To streamline this, the PDFFiller tool can automate filling out PDF forms for you. It's capable of inserting text, signatures, images, links, populating text fields, and checking off checkboxes.

For your next e-Certificate or any PDF form task, consider using a Zapier template with PDFFiller to establish your automated workflow.

Step 3: Pull text from PDF invoices or similar documents

How frequently do you double-check to ensure the accuracy of copied details like an Invoice amount or a client's SSN? This repetitive verification process can consume a lot of time.

Rather than copying data by hand, consider employing the Document Parser. This tool is designed to extract required text from a PDF and save it in a format like JSON, CSV, or XML.

It's adept not only at extracting single lines of text but also at retrieving every item within a table. Document Parser

Step 4: Secure private documents with passwords

With the convenience of online document sharing, there's always a risk of private documents being inadvertently shared with unintended recipients. How can you ensure that only those with permission can access your documents? offers a secure solution by enabling the setting of both Admin and User passwords, ensuring your documents are safeguarded against unauthorized copying, printing, disassembly, and other unwanted actions.

An example of this in action is a self-published author who leveraged a Zapier + workflow to secure her e-Books, ensuring they remained accessible only to authorized readers.

Add Password, Set Output Name, and Send E-book to Reader using and Zapier

Step 5: Convert your files into print-friendly format

The versatility of PDFs lies in their ability to encapsulate various types of content like presentations and spreadsheets, making them highly portable. They can be effortlessly shared, printed, and accessed on almost any device, with the added benefit of offline functionality.

For seamless document conversion within Zapier, the Anything to PDF Converter is your go-to tool. Simply choose your file type, input your source file or code, and you're all set.

Looking to integrate spreadsheets into your reports? Consider exploring this widely-used workflow for an efficient solution.

How to Convert Spreadsheet to PDF with using Zapier