Create QuickBooks Invoices – Guide

1. In this tutorial we will show you how to create a Quickbooks Online Invoice from parsed PDF data using and Zapier. We will extract the Invoice Number and a table line item in the sample Invoice below to use in the Quickbooks Invoice that we will create.

Input File In And Quickbooks Online Integration
Screenshot of Source File

2. To get started, let’s extract the data that we need in the sample Invoice. Kindly set as the App and the Document Parser as the Action Event.

Use Document Parser To Extract Text In PDF

3. Next, let’s set up the Document Parser Action Event.

Setup Document Parser To Parse Text

  • In the Input field, enter the source file URL. I stored the sample Invoice in’s built-in File Storage and copied the direct link. To learn more about built-in File Storage, check out this page.
  • In the Template Id field, enter the Id of the template you create through the Document Parser Template Editor. To learn about Document Parser, please check this out.

4. Let’s test the Document Parser to make sure that we set it up correctly.

Send Document Parser To

5. Great! Our test was a success. returned the extracted text that we will use in the Quickbooks Invoice creation. Document Parser Result

6. Now we are ready to create the Quickbooks Online Invoice using the data that we extracted from the sample PDF Invoice. Let’s select Quickbooks Online as the App and the Create Invoice as the Action Event.

Create Quickbooks Online Invoice Using Document Parser Data

7. Then, let’s configure the Create Invoice Action Event.

Setup Create Invoice In Quickbooks
Configure Create Invoice In Quickbooks

  • We already have Customer Information created in Quickbooks, so we will choose the Customer Name under Customer field.
  • In the Invoice Number field, select the Invoice Number extracted by
  • In the Description field, choose Item 1 from the PDF Invoice table.
  • In the Rate field, select the Price value.
  • In the Amount field, choose the amount under the Total column.

8. Let’s send it to Quickbooks Online to Test & Review.

Send Create Invoice Event To Quckbooks

9. Terrific! We configured the Event correctly.

Create Invoice Event Test Successful

10. Here’s what the created Quickbooks Online Invoice looks like.

Quickbooks Online Created Invoice Using And Zapier
Screenshot of Quickbooks Invoice created from Extracted Data

In this tutorial, we learned how to extract text from PDF using Document Parser. We also learned how to use the extracted data to create an Invoice in Quickbooks Online.

Create QuickBooks Online Invoices – Video

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