Our QR Barcode Reader Web API can read all QR codes automatically. Furthermore, you do not need to install it on your desktop, laptop, or endpoint as it runs from the cloud. Read on to discover why you should use our barcode scanner online, and how to read QR codes online with Web API.

Benefits of Using Our Barcode Reader API

Bulk Barcode Reader

Our API barcode reader allows you to read your QR barcodes asynchronously on our servers. By using our cloud-based QR code reader API, you can read your codes in bulk. That saves you time allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Easy Integration

Our QR code online scanner includes a built-in OCR, and it includes Zapier, IntegromatUiPath, and BluePrism plugins. You can easily connect with the most popular applications through our 300+ API integrations.


QR Code Scanning Large Files

To use our QR code reader to scan large files without getting a timeout error, you must run the scans in async mode. However, if you want to scan a barcode or barcodes from 100 pages or fewer, then you can run the QR reader API in sync mode.

The Sync mode runs for 25 seconds or less, while the async mode runs for more than 25 seconds, and is in the background. It then outputs the QR scan output after it successfully scans all the barcodes.

How to Run to Use Online QR Scanner

Step 1: Request Upload and Access URLs

You need an upload and access URLs that you can use to upload your QR Codes or Barcodes for scanning. To get them to use “/file/upload/get-presigned-url”, this returns a “presignedUrl” that you may use to upload your QR file and a “URL” for accessing the uploaded file.

Step 2: Upload File

You can now upload your file/s using “PUT” to “presignedUrl” that you received in Step 1. Once the upload is complete, you can then access it from the “URL” that you also received in Step 1.

Step 3: Call API Method

Next, you can call the API method with the input set to “URL” param. Moreover, for large files or over 100 pages, set “async” param to “true”, so that the API process can run asynchronously.

The API method will return an output URL, with a matching “jobId” for each output URL. You can use the jobId to identify each background job uniquely, which the API QR barcode scanner is executing.

Step 4: Check Job Status

You can query the online QR scanner for a current job’s execution “status”, using “/job/check” API method with “jobId” param.

Step 5: Download File

Once the “/job/check” returns a “success” as its “status” param, you can go ahead and download the complete QR scans from our online QR scanner.

How to Use QR Code Reader API – Frequently Asked Question

Can you scan a QR code without an app?

Yes, you can scan a QR code without an app, just by using our Barcode Reader Web API.

You will need a Web API like ours to scan your QR codes and barcodes in bulk. Our barcode scanner API is very powerful to scan QR codes faster.

How do I scan QR codes?

You can scan a QR code by using QR Code Reader API or its integration. The scanner’s app then extracts data from a QR code and presents it to you.

What Does QR Code Stand For?

QR stands for “Quick Response Code”, and they provide businesses with an easy way to store product data while making it easily accessible. They are indispensable at Points of Sale, because of their ease of use, and reliability.

Is QR Code Safe?

Yes, a QR code is safe to use, if you receive it from a reliable source. However, you must be careful when using it to access a website that asks for sensitive information, such as a bank account, or your home address.

If the website’s URL is different from what you expected to see, then you must close your browser tab immediately.

Who Owns QR Code?

Denso’s Engineer Hara Masahiro, from Aichi, Japan, invented the QR code. The motivation was to replace the barcodes, which could only store a limited amount of data.

One QR code can store as much information as 200 barcodes. That makes it efficient to use when you need to store and scan large amounts of information at once.

You can integrate our online scanner to scan documents with your mobile device or upload them for QR scanning on the cloud. For more API code samples, and how to use our code scanner, please check these code samples.


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