Step by step guide:

1. In this tutorial we will create an Invoice using a PDF template file as the base. We will generate a PDF invoice with just text and images using the PDF Filler in With PDF Filler in, you can set text color, name, size, style, and the images can be resized.

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Output PDF Invoice Created Using PDF Filler In
Screenshot of Output PDF Invoice

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2. To start, let’s set the as the App and the PDF Filler as the Action Event.

Set PDF Filler In As The Action Step

3. Next, let’s configure the PDF Filler with our Invoice data. You can use our PDF Viewer tool to easily identify the coordinates of the area where you want to place your text and images in the PDF document. You can check it out here

  • Leave the Source PDF field empty to create the Invoice from a clean slate.
  • In the Text objects field, enter the coordinates, page number, text, font size, font name, and font color in this format x;y;page;text;fontSize;fontName;fontColor.
  • In the Images field, same thing enter the coordinates, page number, image URL, width, and height in this format x;y;page;urltoimage;;width;height

Configure PDF Filler And Add Text Objects

Configure PDF Filler And Add Image Object has a built-in File Storage where you can upload, store and re-use your files. I uploaded an image file in my File Storage and grabbed the link as my ImageURL in the Invoice. Check out this tutorial to see it in action.

Upload And Storage Files In Built-In File Storage

4. Now it’s time to send our data over to to Test & Review.

Send PDF Filler Data To Test And Review

5. generated a temporary URL where we can access the PDF Invoice. Copy and paste the URL in your browser to view and download the Invoice. Processed Request Successfully

6. Excellent! We have successfully made a PDF Invoice by adding text and image to an empty PDF.

In this tutorial we learned how to add text and images to an empty PDF. We also learned how to find the coordinates of objects using the PDF Viewer. And most of all, we also learned how to create an Invoice using the PDF Filler in

Generated PDF Invoice Using PDF Filler
Screenshot of Generated PDF Invoice Composed Of Text And Image Only

If you are looking for other ways to create an invoice, check out our other tutorials with HTML Templates Invoice Template Sample 1, Invoice Template Sample 2, and Invoice Template Sample 3.

NOTE: You can store your PDF Invoice in Google Drive or Dropbox by quickly adding another step.

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