HTML to PDF in supports Mustache and Handlebars templates. Mustache is a logicless template syntax that can be used for HTML, config files, and source code. Handlebars is an extension of Mustache that lets you build semantic template easily.

Step by step guide:

1. In this tutorial, we will work on the Invoice Template Sample 1. You can access Invoice Template Sample 2 and Template Sample 3 here and here. To get your API key, sign up at

You can also make a PDF Invoice from scratch by adding text and images to an empty PDF. Check out it out here.

2. Open the Postman app and click on the API v.1 folder under the Collections tab. Postman API

3. Under the HTML template folder, click on JSON (Invoice template 1).

JSON Invoice HTML Template 1

4. cURL version of this request is the following:

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'x-api-key: INSERT_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"url": "",
"name": "newInvoice.pdf",
"margins": "5px 5px 5px 5px",
"paperSize": "Letter",
"orientation": "Portrait",
"printBackground": true,
"header": "",
"footer": "",
"async": false,
"encrypt": false,
"templateData": "{\r\n \"invoice\": {\r\n \"id\": \"0021\",\r\n \"date\": \"August 29, 2041\",\r\n \"dateDue\": \"September 29, 2041\"\r\n },\r\n \"issuer\": {\r\n \"name\": \"Sarah Connor\",\r\n \"company\": \"T-800 Research Lab\",\r\n \"address\": \"435 South La Fayette Park Place, Los Angeles, CA 90057\",\r\n \"website\": \"\",\r\n \"email\": \"\"\r\n },\r\n \"client\": {\r\n \"name\": \"Cyberdyne Systems\",\r\n \"company\": \"Cyberdyne Systems\",\r\n \"address\": \"18144 El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, California\",\r\n \"website\": \"\",\r\n \"email\": \"\"\r\n },\r\n \"items\": [\r\n {\r\n \"name\": \"T-800 Prototype Research\",\r\n \"price\": \"$1000.00\"\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"name\": \"T-800 Cloud Sync Setup\",\r\n \"price\": \"$300.00\"\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"name\": \"Skynet Domain Setup\",\r\n \"price\": \"$50.00\"\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"name\": \"T-800 OS License\",\r\n \"price\": \"$350.00\"\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"name\": \"T-800 Vision Testing\",\r\n \"price\": \"$150.00\"\r\n },\r\n ],\r\n \"discount\": \"$100.00\",\r\n \"tax\": \"$126.88 (7.5%)\",\r\n \"total\": \"$1876.88\",\r\n \"paid\": true,\r\n \"note\": \"Thank you for your business with us.\",\r\n \"primaryColor\": \"#E4135A\",\r\n \"secondaryColor\": \"#00538B\",\r\n \"textColor\": \"#3F4254\"\r\n }"

5. Under the Body menu, select raw, and you will see the JSON code that we will use to fill out the invoice.

JSON Code Body

6. Below is the templateData parameter inside the JSON code for this Invoice Template.
"invoice": {
"id": "0021",
"date": "August 29, 2041",
"dateDue": "September 29, 2041"
"issuer": {
"name": "Sarah Connor",
"company": "T-800 Research Lab",
"address": "435 South La Fayette Park Place, Los Angeles, CA 90057",
"website": "",
"email": ""
"client": {
"name": "Cyberdyne Systems",
"company": "Cyberdyne Systems",
"address": "18144 El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, California",
"website": "",
"email": ""
"items": [
"name": "T-800 Prototype Research",
"price": "$1000.00"
"name": "T-800 Cloud Sync Setup",
"price": "$300.00"
"name": "Skynet Domain Setup",
"price": "$50.00"
"name": "T-800 OS License",
"price": "$350.00"
"name": "T-800 Vision Testing",
"price": "$150.00"
"discount": "$100.00%",
"tax": "$126.88 (7.5%)",
"total": "$1876.88",
"paid": true,
"note": "Thank you for your business with us.",
"primaryColor": "#E4135A",
"secondaryColor": "#00538B",
"textColor": "#3F4254"

7. The engine will take the HTML template which will take the data from the templateData parameter, and it will generate the invoice.

8. On the top right, click on the Send button.

Send Button

9. Check and make sure that the Status says 200 OK.

Status Code

10. Copy the URL in the result, and paste it in your browser’s address bar.

11. Hooray! We have generated our PDF file – here is what our PDF Invoice looks like.

PDF Output Of Invoice Template 1

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