Step by step guide:

1. In this tutorial we will show you how you can extract a customer information from a PDF document using the Document Parser in and pass that customer information over to GetResponse as a New Contact.

Source PDF File To Extract Customer Information
Screenshot of Source PDF To Extract Customer Information

2. To begin, let’s select the as the App, and the Document Parser as the Action Event. Document Parser As The Action Step

3. Now let’s configure the Document Parser.

  • In the Input field, enter the source PDF URL. I used the built-in File Storage to store my source PDF. To use the built-in File Storage, check out this tutorial.
  • In the Template Id field, input the Template Id that you created to extract the text. You can get your Template Id in the Document Parser Template page here.

Setup Document Parser With PDF And JSON Template

Note: The Document Parser comes with an Online Template Editor where you can visually design your re-usable template. You can access the Online Template Editor here.

4. We can now send our Document Parser data to to Test & Review.

Send Document Parser Data To

5. Fantastic! We have successfully extracted the customer information from the PDF document. Processed Request Successfully

6. It’s time to set up the GetResponse Action Step. Kindly select the GetResponse as the App and the Create Contact as the Action Event.

Set Create Contact As GetResponse Action Step

7. Let’s configure the GetResponse with the data.

  • In the List field, select the List name where you want to store the new contact in GetResponse.
  • In the Email field, select the Body Object Value with the customer email address.
  • In the Name field, select the Body Object Value with the customer name.

Configure GetResponse Action With Data

8. Click on Test & Review to send the Contact configuration to GetResponse.

Sent Contact To GetReponse To Test

9. GetResponse successfully processed our request! Let’s check our GetResponse to see if it added the new contact to the List.

GetResponse Processed Request Successfully

10. Hurrah! We have successfully added the new contact in GetResponse.

PDF Customer Information Added In GetResponse Contact List
Screenshot of the New Contact added in GetResponse

In this tutorial we learned how to set up the Document Parser in to extract text from a PDF document. We also learned how to send those text to GetResponse and use the text to add a New Contact in the List.

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