Step by step guide:

1. In this tutorial we will show you how to generate a PDF document with data from HubSpot using We will get all the contacts under a certain List.

To get started, let’s choose HubSpot as the App and New Contact in List as the Trigger Event.

Use New Contact List In HubSpot As Trigger

2. Next, let’s test the trigger to see if our account is connected correctly.

Setup Trigger For Contact List

3. Great! The trigger found a New Contact in the List.

Test HubSpot Trigger

4. We are now ready to set up the to generate our PDF. Let’s choose as the App and Anything to PDF Converter as the Action Event.

Trigger Found Contact In HubSpot

5. Next, let’s configure Anything to PDF Converter.

  • In the Input Type field, select Raw HTML Code.
  • In the Input field, enter the HTML code with its corresponding HubSpot data.

Set Anything To PDF Converter As The Action

6. Then, let’s send the Anything to PDF Converter data over to to Test & Review.

Configure Anything To PDF Converter With HubSpot Data

7. Our test was a success. Kindly copy and paste the generated URL to view and download the PDF output.

Send Anything To PDF Converter To To Test And Review

8. Hurray! We have successfully generated a PDF with HubSpot data using and Zapier.

Generated PDF Output With HubSpot Data
Screenshot of Generated PDF Output with HubSpot Contact Data

In this tutorial we learned how to set up HubSpot to fetch the New Contacts in a List. We also learned how to generate a PDF using Raw HTML code with the New contacts’ details with the help of the Anything to PDF Converter and Zapier.

You can set up the next step to save the generated file in Google Drive or Dropbox depending on your requirement.

NOTE: HubSpot may not currently support direct upload to their built-in File Storage. You may add the generated PDF stored in Google Drive or Dropbox as a Membership Note to easily associate the file to a contact in HubSpot.