This PDF optimizer also comes in handy, if you prefer to mail your PDF files instead of sharing their Dropbox or Google Drive access links. It also allows you to compress your PDF online, so as to save space in your mobile devices, and to make them “shareable” on social media.

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Why Use Our PDF optimizer


If you are tempted to use a PDF compressor, then you should reconsider your plan. Using a free app means, you give up your rights to privacy. Our tool ensures that you maintain control over your personal data and files.

With our file compressor, you can reduce PDF size online, and you only need to use as little as four credits. You do not need to part with hundreds of dollars in subscription fees annually, because you pay for what you use only.

Easy to Use

Our tool allows you to compress a PDF file with ease and saves you time. You do not need to spend time installing and configuring this tool.

Shrink Your PDF

Our tool uses lossless compression technology, which means your PDF will maintain its clarity and quality. That’s important if you are compressing business documents such as brochures.


How to Use PDF compressor

Step 1: Open the File Compressor

Log in to your account, and buy some credits if you have not done so. On the menu bar, click “Tools” and choose “Compress PDF Online.” That will bring up the interface for compressing your PDF files.

PDF Optimizer

Step 2: Upload Your PDF Files

The next step is to upload your files, by clicking on one of the three options available. The option you choose will depend on the location of your PDF files.

Therefore, if you have them in your DropBox account, just click on Dropbox, and an upload window will appear. Select the PDF file and click “choose,” to start the conversion process. You need to be logged into your Dropbox account to use this option.

Similarly, you can click on “Choose File” to upload a file from your computer or click on “From URL” to upload a file from a live URL. The conversion process will start automatically after the file uploads. But for a URL source, you need to click on “Proceed,” to start the process.

Reduce PDF Size Online

Step 3: Download Your PDF Files

The file compressor will reduce the PDF file size, and give you an option to download it or save it to Google Drive, or Dropbox.

File Compressor

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Conclusion – Reduce PDF size

That is how simple it is to reduce a PDF size using our compression tool. The process is fast, easy to start, and secure to use. online apps: