Sometimes, it feels like there is not enough time in your day. You spend long hours doing the mundane little things. Of course, you can’t completely ignore these tasks but you can use automation to free up your time and use it on the work that matters.

Here are TOP-5 things to automate your business using Zapier:

  1. Insert pages in documents or contracts
  2. Fill client information in PDF certificates and forms
  3. Extract text in PDF Invoices or other documents
  4. Add password to private documents
  5. Convert your files to print-friendly PDF format

1. Insert pages in documents or contracts

Inserting a page into an existing PDF can take up so much of your time. And, the hassle can build up when you have to convert an image, a spreadsheet, or a document to PDF before you can insert it.

Thankfully, this can be automated using the app in Zapier. will split the PDF and merge the pages back together with the inserted page. The workflow will take you no more than 3 minutes to set up. You can see this in action, below.

Check this tutorial

2. Fill client information in PDF certificates and forms

Copying and pasting information to a PDF form is easy. But, it can be a drag when you have to do it over and over.

To automate this task, use the PDFFiller to fill out the PDF form for you. The PDFFiller can add text, signature or images, links, fill out text fields, and mark checkboxes.

So next time you need to fill out an e-Certificate or any PDF form, try this Zapier template to set up your workflow.

3. Extract text in PDF invoices or other documents

How often do you check to make sure that you copied the exact Invoice amount or the client’s SSN? Rechecking over and over can be very time-consuming.

Instead of manually copying information, use the Document Parser to extract the text that you need from a PDF and store it in JSON, CSV, or XML file format.

Not only can it extract one-line text, but it can also get every line item in a table. Below, you can see how the Document Parser works for this.

Check this guide

4. Add passwords to private documents

The Internet has made it easy to share documents. And sometimes, someone might accidentally send a private document to others. How do you make sure that only an authorized person can open the document?

The Security not only allows you to set Admin and User passwords, it also protects your file from unwanted copying, printing, disassembling, and more.

A self-published author used a Zapier + workflow to protect her e-Books.

Check it out

5. Convert your files to print-friendly PDF format

One of the great things about PDF is it can make presentations, spreadsheets, etc more portable. It can easily be shared, printed, read by almost any device, and most of all it works offline.

The Anything to PDF Converter is the perfect tool to automate your document conversion in Zapier. You only need to select the type of file, enter your source file or code, and you are good to go.

Need to include spreadsheets in your reports? Try this popular workflow.

Try this popular workflow