How to Remove a Password from PDF using API Integration with Zapier

Have you ever wanted to automate removing a password to your PDF files? So that you can share them with your colleagues or other people without the need to provide them with a password to open the PDF file? and Zapier can help you automate the process of removing a password to a PDF file.

Password-protected PDF
Sample Password-protected PDF

Here’s a step-by-step guide with screenshots:

Step 1: Create a Zap!

  • Click Create Zap on the upper-left corner of your Zapier dashboard.

Step 2: Select a Trigger App

  • For this tutorial, we will be using Google Drive as our Trigger App
Select a trigger app


You may use different cloud storage for your trigger app.

Step 3: Select a Trigger Event

  • For the trigger event, we will set it to New File in Folder. This way every time there’s a new file added to your Google Drive folder, it will trigger this zap.
Select a trigger event

Step 4: Setup Trigger

  • Select the Drive and Folder that you’re going to use.
Setup Trigger

Step 5: Test Trigger

Test trigger

Step 6: Select an Action App

  • Search and select as your Action App.
Select an action app

Step 7: Select an Action Event

  • We will use PDF Security as the action event. This API can be used to both add or remove a password to a PDF.
Select an action event

Step 8: Setup Action

  • In the PDF URL, insert the URL to your PDF file.
  • Select Remove Security, in Mode.
  • Add the Password of your PDF file in the Owner Password field.
  • You may set the Name of your output PDF
Setup action
Setup action

Step 9: Test Action

Test action
Test successful

Step 10: Result

  • Here’s the output PDF.
Screenshot of the Output PDF
Screenshot of the Output PDF

In this tutorial, you’ve learned how to remove a password from a PDF file using an API integration with Zapier.