How to Convert PDF to CSV from Google Drive Folder with Zapier and

Zapier is a digital automation platform that links your preferred applications, including Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, among over 1,500 others. It enables you to automate recurring tasks by connecting multiple apps without the need for coding or developer assistance. The process is so straightforward that anyone can create their app workflows in just a few clicks.

In this step-by-step guide, complete with screenshots, we will show you how to configure Zapier with and Google Drive to automatically transform PDF files into CSV format whenever they are added to a specified Google Drive folder.

Step 1: Choose Trigger

Choose or search for Google Drive from the list of apps.

Google Drive

Step 2: Select Trigger Event

Select the Trigger Event “New File in Folder”.

Choose Trigger Event

Step 3: Connect Google Drive Account

Select or connect your Google Drive account to Zapier.

Connect Google Account

Step 4: Choose Google Drive and Folder

Select the Google Drive you wish to use and click Continue.

Navigate to the Google Drive Folder you wish to use, or copy & paste in the targeted Folder ID from the URL bar in Google Drive.

Choose Google Drive

Step 5: Test Trigger

Test your trigger, then continue on to the Action step.

Test trigger

Step 6: Choose Action

Search for and select as the targeted app. App

Step 7: Choose Action Event

Choose the PDF to CSV Converter Action Event.

Choose Action Event

Step 8: Connect Account

Select or link your account (using your API Key).

Connect API Key

Your API Key can be found in the Dashboard.


Step 9: Set Source URL

Set the URL as Web Content Link (from the drop-down menu) for the input file and click Continue to test your Zap again, then Publish.


It must be a publicly accessible file (or folder) for this Zap to work. reads it directly from your Google Drive.

Web Content URL

Step 10: Publish Zap

Give your Zap a name and turn it on! Files that you will add to your targeted folder in Google Drive will be automatically sent to for conversion to CSV.

Once converted, you can check out the responses in your Task History inside Zapier. Download the CSV from the temporary output link found in Data Out. Or, add more steps to your Zap for further automation capability.

Download CSV From Output URL, or Add More Steps to Your Zap
Download CSV From Output URL
Generated CSV
Generated CSV

This guide has shown you how to set up Zapier with and Google Drive for automatic conversion of PDFs to CSV format when they are placed in a designated Google Drive folder. Automating this process using Zapier can greatly enhance your workflow efficiency, allowing you to handle documents more effectively and with less manual intervention.

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