How to Read Barcodes from Google Drive Folder with and Zapier

We prepared this step by step tutorial with screenshots on how to setup Zapier using and Google Drive, to automatically read Barcodes when you add them to a Google Drive folder defined for this task.

Setup Zapier &

If you haven't already then first create a free account with and Zapier. Once you have your accounts ready, start with making a Zap (top-right corner button in Zapier dashboard).

Sign Up to
Sign Up to Zapier

Connect to Google Drive

You will need to connect your Google Drive account to Zapier and select a folder for your input files. Check the screenshot below and fill in your next step in making a Zap with the same data:

Google Drive in Zapier
Google Drive in Zapier

Create a step

Next add a step for and choose the Advanced Barcode Reader step.

  • Select a document which contains a barcode from the Google Drive step for your input document.

Setup should be something like this:

Advanced Barcode Reader step in Zapier
Advanced Barcode Reader step in Zapier

Run the Zap

  • Test the app with the Test & Review option, if all goes well you should have the result in a JSON data set returned to you.

Video Guide