Merge PDF Files - REST Web API, Fast PDF Merger

The PDF Merger API can merge a mix of different document formats into a single PDF. This API function can save you time and effort by taking away the hassle of converting the non-PDF to PDF before they can be merged.

Supported Formats and API Endpoints

The following are the supported document formats in PDF Merger:

  • PDF files
  • DOC / DOCX / RTF/ Word documents
  • XLS / XLSX / CSV / spreadsheets
  • JPG / PNG / TIFF images
  • TXT files
  • EML / MSG email messages with attachments
  • ZIP with documents and pictures

There are two PDF Merger API endpoints.

PDF Merger API Benefits

PDF and Non-PDF File Support

Our Web API engine supports different document formats. You can mix and merge different file formats in one go. The supported formats are listed in the table above.

Merge Large Files

The PDF Merger API can process large files using the async parameter.

PDF Format as Output

The PDF Merger API output format is in PDF. When images or other non-PDF files are merged using the /v1/pdf/merge2 endpoint the output format is in PDF as well.

Web API Supports Multiple Languages platform can be used by software developers from programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, .NET and ASP.NET, C#, Java, Visual Basic, and many others. Find source code samples in our API documentation.

Business Automation Platforms Integrations

If you are not a developer, you can also easily automate your PDF operations via popular business automation platforms: ZapierMakeAirtableSalesforceGoogle Apps Script, and 300+ more.

Why Use PDF File Merger API?

Merge Large Files

You can merge large files easily in a matter of seconds. Most PDF merging API will do it much slower, if you open two or more large PDF files, and try to merge them. Our API allows you to select large files and merge them automatically.

Choose Pages to Merge

Our API allows you to select the individual pages or a range of pages you want to be included in the merged PDF. You can also choose to merge entire PDF documents. Overall, that gives you greater flexibility on how you merge your PDFs.


Learn about security and encryption.

PDF Merger API – Frequently Asked Questions

Is PDF Merge Legit?

Our PDF merger API is legit and safe to use because we do not store any of your data online. Furthermore, the API encrypts the transmission of PDF data, which protects it from hackers. You can therefore use it to merge sensitivity data with total peace of mind.

Can I integrate Merger API?

We created several integrations of our API and powerful business automation platforms. These integrations include Zapier and Make plugins, UiPath, and BluePrism extensions, but we have 300+ more integrations ready. You can easily connect with the most popular applications through our API integrations.

Is Combine PDF Safe?

Yes, it is safe to combine PDF files using our PDF merge API. You have an option to delete the files after the merging is complete. If you do not delete them, our API will delete them automatically after about two hours.

The API runs in a secure AWS Infrastructure. All files and documents processed by are encrypted. For more information on security check out

How Do I Merge PDF Files Automatically?

Our PDF merger API can help you to merge PDF files automatically. You can choose to have it automatically merge your PDFs online, or from your local server.

Source Code Samples for PDF Merge

We also have PDF merge code samples, which you can use to create your own when using our API. Feel free to contact us if you need help using our PDF Merger API.