Generate PDF from Google Forms Responses using and Make

Automating and simplifying processes has become necessary for businesses and individuals alike. One such process is generating PDF documents from Google Forms responses, and this task has been made incredibly convenient and efficient with and Make.

With the integration of and Make, you can easily transform your Google Forms responses into PDF documents. This platform simplifies the entire PDF generation process, saving you valuable time and effort.

In this article, we will guide you through generating PDF documents from Google Forms responses using and Make. By following these instructions, you will be able to automate the PDF generation process.

We will utilize a Google Sheets document containing responses from Google Forms and convert it into a PDF file.

Sample Google Sheets Document
Sample Google Sheets Document

Step 1: Login Make Account

  • Let’s start by logging into your Make account and clicking on the Create a New Scenario button.

Step 2: Add Google Sheets Module

  • Next, search and select the Google Sheets app. Then, choose the Watch New Rows module, which will trigger an action whenever a new row is added to your Google Sheet.
Add Google Sheets Module

Step 3: Setup Google Sheets Configuration

Let’s configure the Google Sheets settings.

  • First, connect your Google Sheets account to Make. This will enable Make to authorize access to your Google Sheets.
  • Next, let’s use the Search by Path method.
  • Then, select My Drive as the drive to be used.
  • For the Spreadsheet ID field, enter the ID of the spreadsheet where the Google Forms responses are stored.
  • In the Sheet Name field, enter the name of the specific worksheet where the responses are located.
  • You can then select either Yes or No to indicate whether the table contains headers.
  • Finally, enter the range of the table headers in the Row with Headers field. This will ensure that Make can correctly identify the data in each column.
Setup Google Sheets Configuration

Once the configuration is set up, execute the scenario to view all the responses from Google Forms in the Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Step 4: Google Form Responses

  • Great! We have successfully executed the scenario and retrieved all the Google Forms responses in the Google Sheets spreadsheet. Now, let’s proceed with adding another application to convert these responses into a PDF document.
Google Forms Responses

Step 5: Add Module

  • In this step, we will add the app and select the Convert HTML to PDF module to generate a PDF document from the Google Forms responses.
Add Module

Step 6: Setup Configuration

Let’s set up the configuration.

  • First, connect your account to Make by adding the API Key. You can find the API Key in your dashboard or by signing up at this link.
  • Next, select HTML to PDF as the conversion type.
  • In the Input HTML Code field, input the raw HTML code along with the Google Forms responses.
  • In the Output File Name field, specify the desired name for the output file.
Setup Configuration

Once the configuration is set up, execute the scenario to convert the raw HTML code into a PDF document, including the Google Forms responses.

Step 7: HTML to PDF Result

  • Congratulations! has successfully converted the Google Forms responses into a PDF format. You can copy the URL provided and paste it into your web browser to view the output.
HTML to PDF Result

Step 8: Generated PDF Document

  • Here is the generated PDF document from Google Forms responses.
Generated PDF Document
Generated PDF Document

In this article, you learned how to generate PDF from Google Forms responses using and Make. You also learned how to use HTML to PDF API to generate a PDF from raw HTML code along with the Google Forms responses.

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