How to Fill PDF with DocuSign Envelope Data using and Zapier

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can fill a PDF with the DocuSign data using and Zapier. There are two ways to do this. You can either use a regular PDF where you can add the data as Text Objects or an interactive fillable PDF form where you can fill out the form using the fillable fields.

We will use this regular Sample PDF Invoice and add the DocuSign data as text.

Sample PDF Source File
Screenshot of Sample PDF Source File

Step 1: Select DocuSign as the App then the Trigger Event

First, let’s choose the DocuSign as the App and the Envelope Sent or Completed as the Trigger Event.

Use Envelope Completed As Trigger

Step 2: Configure and Test the Trigger

  • In the Status field, kindly select Completed since we will work with Envelope data that has already been signed and completed.
  • In the Download Form Data field, kindly choose Yes.
Setup DocuSign Envelope Trigger

Then, let’s test our Trigger to make sure that our account has been set up correctly.

Trigger Test Successful

Step 3: Fill the PDF Using PDF Filler

We are now ready to fill the PDF. Let’s set the as the App and the PDF Filler as the Action Event.

Set PDF Filler As The Action Event

Step 4: Configure the PDF Filler with the DocuSign Data

  • In the Source PDF field, kindly enter the Sample PDF URL. has a built-in File Storage where you can permanently store and reuse files. To learn more, check out this tutorial.
  • In the Text Objects field, type in the x and y coordinates, page number, DocuSign data, font size, and font name in this format x;y;pageNumber;docuSignData;fontSize;fontName You can easily locate the x and y coordinate using the Simple PDF Viewer here.
Configure PDF Filler Action Event

Step 5: Test & Review

Let us now send the PDF Filler to to Test & Review.

Send PDF Filler To To Test And Review

Step 6: Copy and Paste the URL to Access the PDF returned a temporary URL to access the PDF. Kindly copy and paste the URL to view or download the output. PDF Filler Test Successful

Excellent! We have successfully filled the Sample PDF with DocuSign data.

PDF Filled With DocuSign Data
Screenshot of Filled PDF with DocuSign Data

Step 7: Fill PDF with DocuSign Envelope Data – Video

In this tutorial, we learned how to configure DocuSign to return the completed Envelope data. We also learned how to fill the PDF with DocuSign data using the PDF Filler.

Video Guide