Create PDF Report with Segment data from HTML Template using

In this tutorial, we will create a PDF Report to show the total number of users per country. We will use the HTML Template and Zapier Webhook to generate this dynamic PDF Report.

We assume that you have already set up your Zapier Webhook to receive data from Segment.

  1. Add HTML to PDF Converter
  2. Set HTML Template Id
  3. Input Template Data
  4. Test Action
  5. Result
  6. PDF Report

Step 1 – Add HTML to PDF Converter

To begin, let’s choose as the App and the HTML to PDF Converter as the Action Event.

Use HTML To PDF Converter

Step 2 – Set HTML Template Id

In the HTML Template Id field, enter the ID of the HTML Template you would like to use. You can create and get your HTML Template Id here. The HTML Template supports both Mustache and Handlebars.

Set HTML Template ID

Step 3 – Input Template Data

In the HTML Template Data field, enter the JSON or CSV of your template data and replace the underlined values with data from Webhook.

JSON Template Data

Step 4 – Test Action

Now it’s time to make a call and test our HTML to PDF Conversion setup.

Send Configuration To

Step 5 – Result

Great! returned a temporary URL to view and download the PDF output. Output URL

Step 6 – PDF Report

Here’s the PDF Report we generated from the HTML Template with Segment data.

PDF Report From HTML Template And Segment
PDF Report from HTML Template and Segment Data

In this tutorial, you learned how to create a PDF Report with Segment data from HTML Template using You learned how to send your Segment data to Zapier via Webhook. You also learned how to set up the HTML Template and the Template Data to generate a PDF Report.