Create New Pipedrive Deal from Parsed PDF Data in Zapier

In this tutorial, we will use the parsed data from a PDF Invoice to create a new Pipedrive deal using and Zapier. Here’s the image of the sample PDF Invoice. We highlighted the three things we will need to create the new deal. To follow along, you can get the Invoice here.



Sample PDF Invoice
Sample PDF Invoice

Please follow these steps to create a new Pipedrive deal from parsed PDF data in Zapier:

  1. Add Document Parser
  2. Setup Document Parser
  3. Test Document Parser
  4. Parsed PDF Data
  5. Add Pipedrive Create Deal
  6. Configure Pipedrive
  7. Test Pipedrive
  8. New Deal Created
  9. New Deal in Pipedrive

Step 1 – Add Document Parser

Let’s choose as the App and the Document Parser as the Action Event.

Select Document Parser

Step 2 – Setup Document Parser

Let’s set up the Document Parser.

  • In the Input field, enter the PDF Invoice URL.
  • In the Template Id field, leave the default value. If you want to create or have your template, you can get its ID on the Document Parser page here. To learn more about Document Parser, check out the guides here.

Configure Document Parser

Step 3 – Test Document Parser

Click on the Test & Review button to send the configuration to

Test Document Parser

Step 4 – Parsed PDF Data

Great! We have successfully parsed the PDF Invoice. We can now proceed to Pipedrive.

Parsed PDF Output

Step 5 – Add Pipedrive Create Deal

Let’s choose Pipedrive as the App and Create Deal as the Action Event.

Choose Pipedrive Create New Deal

Step 6 – Configure Pipedrive

Let’s setup Pipedrive.

  • In the Title field, type in the deal’s name.
  • In the Creation Date field, select the Invoice date.
  • In the Status field, choose Open.
  • In the Stage field, select Qualified.
  • In the Owner field, select the owner name.
  • In the Organization field, select the organization to associate with the deal.
  • In the Expected Close Date field, select the due date.
  • In the Value field, choose the Invoice total.
  • In the Currency field, pick the USD.

Map Parsed Data With Pipedrive Fields

Configure Pipedrive New Deal

Step 7 – Test Pipedrive

Let’s send the setup to Pipedrive to make sure that we configured it correctly.

Test Pipedrive

Step 8 – New Deal Created

Awesome! We successfully created a new deal in Pipedrive.

Pipedrive New Deal Creation Success

Step 9 – New Deal in Pipedrive

Here’s the newly added deal we created from Zapier.

New Deal Listed In Pipedrive

In this tutorial, you learned how to parse a PDF Invoice using the Document Parser. You learned how to use the Document Parser template to parse the PDF contents. You also learned how to create a new deal in Pipedrive using the parsed data.