Convert Specific Excel Worksheet to PDF using and Zapier

In this tutorial, we will show you how to convert specific excel worksheets to PDF using and Zapier. We will use this sample invoice from Google Sheet.

  1. Create Zap
  2. App and Custom API Call
  3. Custom API Call Configuration
  4. Test Result
  5. PDF Output
Sample Source File
Sample Source File

Step 1: Create Zap

First, let’s start by creating a Zap.

Step 2: App and Custom API Call

Next, select the app and choose the Custom API Call for the action event. App and Custom API Call

Step 3: Custom API Call Configuration

Now, let’s set up the Custom API Call configuration.

  • In the API Endpoint field, select the /v1/xls/convert/to/pdf endpoint.
  • Under the URL input parameter override, enter the Google Sheet link. The Embed link from Google Sheet works here.
  • In the Input JSON field, enter the sample JSON below. The worksheetIndex parameter will allow you to specify which specific sheet you’d like to convert to PDF. The worksheetIndex starts at “0” for sheet 1 and worksheetIndex “1” represents sheet 2.

Custom API Call Configuration

After setting up the configuration, click the test and review button.

Step 4: Test Result

Great! The successfully process our request. You can copy and paste the URL to view the output.

Test Result Output

Step 5: PDF Output

Here’s the converted PDF output.

Converted PDF Ouput
Converted PDF Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to convert a specific excel worksheet to PDF using and Zapier. You learned how to use the Custom API Call Web API to generate PDF. You also learned how to use the /v1/xls/convert/to/pdf endpoint to convert XLS to PDF format.