Convert Notion Database Item to PDF using and Zapier

In this tutorial, we will show you how to convert Notion database item to PDF using and Zapier. requires the items to be publicly accessible. Please log in to Notion and change the page’s share setting from restricted to anyone with link can view.

  1. Add Notion
  2. Setup Notion
  3. Notion Result
  4. Add Zapier Formatter
  5. Setup Formatter
  6. Formatter Result
  7. Add
  8. Setup
  9. Output URL
  10. PDF Result


Step 1 – Add Notion

To begin, let’s create a Zap and add the Notion New Database Item as our trigger.

Add Notion New Database Item As Trigger

Step 2 – Setup Notion

For this demo, let’s use an entry from our Journal database.

Select Notion Database

Step 3 – Notion Result

Now test the trigger to fetch the items from our Journal database.

Notion Trigger Result

Step 4 – Add Zapier Formatter

The Notion trigger above will return the item’s private URL. We need its public URL to convert to PDF. To do this, we will use the app Formatter by Zapier and the Text event.

Add Formatter By Zapier

Step 5 – Setup Formatter

Let’s set up the Formatter.

  • In the Transform field, select Replace.
  • In the Input field, choose the URL from Notion.
  • In the Find field, type in the URL
  • In the Replace field, enter your Notion site domain.

Setup Formatter

Step 6 – Formatter Result

Let’s test the Formatter to make sure that it returns our desired output URL.

Formatter By Zapier Result

Step 7 – Add

Now, let’s convert the URL to PDF. To do this, let’s choose as the App and the HTML to PDF as the Action Event.

Add HTML To PDF Converter

Step 8 – Setup

Let’s add the Formatter output in the Input HTML or URL to convert field.

Add URL To Convert To PDF

You can also change the other parameters such as Page Size, Margin, and more. For this tutorial, we will use the default values.

Step 9 – Output URL

Let’s send a request to to convert the URL to PDF. We will get a temporary URL to view and download the file. The URL expires after an hour by default. We recommend that you add another step to save the output to Google Drive or similar. Output URL

Step 10 – PDF Result

Here’s the PDF output from our Hawaii Vacation Journal item. PDF Output PDF Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to fetch database items on Notion. You learned how to change the page’s private URL using Formatter. You also learned how to convert this URL to PDF using HTML to PDF action. and Zapier are like a match made in heaven when converting other files into PDF and vice versa. For example, it helps you convert Google Docs into password-protected PDFs easily.