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In this tutorial, we will show you how to add a screenshot to a PDF file using Web API

We will use this sample PDF file in this tutorial:

Sample PDF File
Sample PDF File

Step 1: Open Account

Request Tester

Step 2: Request Tester for API

  • For Choose API endpoint field, search and select v1/pdf/edit/add. This endpoint can add a screenshot to a PDF file.
  • For the Input Parameters field, add your source file. You can override the source file with a link or a file.
Request Tester for API

Step 3: Input JSON Code

Now, let’s add the JSON code

  • For the Async param, will set it to false. If you want to run the job asynchronously, set it to true.
  • For Encrypt param, set it to true.
  • For the Inline param, let’s set it  true to get a direct link to the output pdf.
  • In the Name param, type in your desired output file name.

Let’s set up the Images param

  • For the URL param, input your screenshot image URL. You can convert your screenshot image to a URL(for use in with our file storage.
  • For X and Y params, add the coordinates where you want to add the screenshot image. You can get the coordinates of your PDF file with our PDF/Edit/Add Helper.
  • For Width and Height params, add the size of your screenshot image.
  • For Page’s param, type 0 for the first page and 1 for the second page.
Input JSON Code
"async": false,
"encrypt": true,
"inline": true,
"name": "Output",
"images": [
"url": "filetoken://69d17ad93bf5fbf76269697d9b676a4cf36c3e2991af1ede33",
"x": 270,
"y": 150,
"width": 159,
"height": 43,
"pages": "0"

Once you have done setting up the code, click on the Run Request button to see the result.

Step 4: Run Request Result

  • Great! The request runs successfully, click on the URL to view the output or directly download the output file.
Run Request Result

Step 5: Output

  • Here’s the PDF document in which we successfully added the screenshot image.
PDF Document Output
PDF Document Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to add a screenshot to a PDF file using Web API v1/pdf/edit/add endpoint.