How Do I Add a PDF Attachment in Zapier

Adding PDF attachments to multiple emails consumes a lot of time. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can automate this process with and Zapier.

We will use this sample fillable PDF for this tutorial. We will first fill out the PDF form and send it as an attachment.

Screenshot of the Source PDF
Screenshot of the Source PDF

Step 1: Create a Zap

  • On your Zapier dashboard, click Create Zap

Step 2: Select a Trigger App

  • For this tutorial, we will use Google Drive as our Trigger App
Select a trigger app


You may use different cloud storage of your choice.

Step 3: Select a Trigger Event

  • For the Trigger Event, select New File in Folder. This will trigger the Zap every time there’s a new file in the selected folder
Select a trigger event

Step 4: Set up Trigger

  • Select the Drive and Folder that you’re going to use
Set up trigger

Step 5: Test Trigger

Test trigger

Step 6: Select an Action App

  • Search and select as the Action App
Select an action app

Step 7: Select an Action Event

  • Select PDF Filler as the Action Event. This will be the API that we will use to fill out the fillable PDF.
Select an action event

Step 8: Set up Action

  • For the Source PDF, insert the link where your PDF is located
  • For the Fillable Fields, insert the Page, field name, and value
  • You may also set the name of your output PDF
Set up action
Set up action

Step 9: Test Action

Test action
Test successful

Step 10: Result

  • Here’s what the result looks like
Screenshot of the Result PDF
Screenshot of the Result PDF

Now to send this PDF as an attachment, we need to add another action.

Step 11: Add another Action App

  • Search and select Gmail as the Action App
Add another Action App

Step 12: Select an Action Event

  • Select Send Email as the Action Event
Select an Action Event

Step 13: Set up Action

  • In the To field, insert the Email Address where you want to send the email with the attachment
  • In the From field, insert your Email Address
  • In the From Name field, insert your name
  • In the Subject field, insert the subject of the email that you’re going to send
  • In the Body field, insert your message
  • In the Attachments field, insert the URL of the result PDF
Set up Action
Set up Action
Set up Action

Step 14: Test Action

Test Action
Test successful

Step 15: Result Email

  • Here’s the email with the PDF attachment
Result Email

In this tutorial, you’ve learned how to fill a PDF and send it as an attachment to an email using and Zapier.

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