How to Add Japanese Text to PDF using and Zapier

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add Japanese text and a logo or image in a PDF using and Zapier. We will use this sample PDF Invoice to add the text. To follow along, you can download the PDF.

Japanese, Korean, And Chinese Text Sample PDF
Screenshot of Sample Source PDF

Step 1: In, Select PDF Filler

Let’s get started. First, choose as the App and PDF Filler as the Action Event. As The App And PDF Filler As The Action Event

Step 2: Configure the PDF Filler

  • In the Source PDF field, enter the PDF URL. has built-in file storage where you can store your file permanently.
  • In the Text Objects field, type in the x and y coordinate, page number, the Japanese text, font size, and font name. We recommend that you use the font name Meiryo for Japanese text. We will also add a second field to a clickable text that opens the website. You can add the text in this format. x;y;page;text;fontSize;fontName;color;url
  • In the Images field, we will add a ByteScout logo. You can add images in this format x;y;page;imageURL.
Configure PDF Filler To Add Japanese Text And Image

Step 3: Send Configuration to for Test & Review

We are now ready to send the PDF Filler configuration to for Test & Review.

Send PDF Filler Configuration To To Test And Review

Step 4: Copy & Paste URL into Your Browser to See Output returned a temporary URL so we can review the result. Kindly copy and paste the URL in your browser to see what the output looks like. Generated A Temporary URL To View The Result

Great! We have successfully added a Japanese text as well as a company logo in the PDF.

Japanese Text And Company Logo Added In The PDF
Screenshot of Sample Source PDF

In this tutorial, we learned how to add Japanese text and a logo/image in the PDF. We also learned how to add clickable and plain text.

The font name Meiryo is one of Windows’ Japanese supplemental fonts. You can check out the list of Japanese supplemental fonts here as well as the supplemental fonts of other languages.