How to Add Image to PDF with OpenAI (Maker of Chatgpt) using and Zapier PDF Editor is a web-based application that allows you to edit and modify PDF documents online without the need for any software downloads or installations. With PDF Editor, you can perform various editing tasks such as adding text, images, and shapes, highlighting, underlining, striking out text, adding links, drawing and writing on PDF pages, and more.

One of the notable features of PDF Editor is its ability to edit PDF forms. You can easily add, remove or modify form fields such as text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdown lists. Additionally, PDF Editor also enables you to merge or split PDF files, password-protect your PDFs, and convert your PDFs to other formats such as Word, Excel, HTML, and JSON.

Today, we will show you how to generate an image using Dall E 2 by OpenAI & insert it into PDF using and Zapier.

  1. Log into Zapier Account
  2. Google Drive App
  3. Setup Trigger
  4. Test Trigger
  5. Test Trigger Result
  6. Add OpenAI App
  7. Setup OpenAI Configuration
  8. OpenAI Test Action
  9. Test Action Result
  10. Generated Image from OpenAI
  11. Add App
  12. Setup Configuration
  13. Test Action
  14. Test Result
  15. Output

We will use this sample PDF document to insert the generated image.

Sample PDF Document
Sample PDF Document

Here’s a simple step-by-step tutorial to generate an image with OpenAI and add the generated image to PDF using

Step 1: Log into Zapier Account

  • First, log into your Zapier account and create a Zap.

Step 2: Google Drive App

  • Next, search and select the Google Drive app. Then, choose the New File in Folder as a trigger.

Google Drive App

Step 3: Setup Trigger

Let’s set up the trigger.

  • First, let’s select the My Google Drive as a drive to be used.
  • Next, choose the specific folder where the file is stored.

Setup Trigger

Step 4: Test Trigger

  • Now, click the test trigger button to fetch the file from Google Drive.

Test Trigger

Step 5: Test Trigger Result

  • The test trigger was successful, we can now add another app.

Test Trigger Result

Step 6: Add OpenAI App

  • In this step, we will add the OpenAI app and choose the Generate Image option.

Add App

Note: To connect your OpenAI account to Zapier, add your API Key.

Step 7: Setup OpenAI Configuration

Let’s set up the OpenAI configuration.

  • First, input a text in a Prompt to determine the subject, style, and other characteristics of the image to be generated.
  • Next, add the number of image variations.
  • Then, select the size of the image you’d like to generate.

Setup OpenAI Configuration

Step 8: OpenAI Test Action

  • Now, let’s send the prompt to OpenAI to process our request and generate an image.

OpenAI Test Action

Step 9: Test Action Result

  • The OpenAI successfully process our request and generated an image. Kindly copy the URL and paste it into your browser to view the output.

Test Action Result

Step 10: Generated Image from OpenAI

  • Here’s the generated image from Dall E 2 by OpenAI.
Generated Image from OpenAI
Generated Image from OpenAI

Since we’re done generating the image, let’s add the API tool to insert the generated image into the PDF document.

Step 11: Add App

  • Search and select the app. Then, choose the PDF Filler so we can add the image to the PDF document.

Add App
Note: To connect your account to Zapier, add your API Key. You can get the API Key in your dashboard.

Step 12: Setup Configuration

Let’s set up the configuration.

  • In the Source PDF field, enter the Web Content Link from your Google Drive.
  • In the Images and PDF embeds field, add the x and y coordinate values that are used to locate a point to insert the image, and enter the Data Url generated image from OpenAI. You can easily get the coordinates using the PDF Viewer tool.
  • Then, add the PDF output file name.

Setup Configuration

Step 13: Test Action

  • Now, we will send the PDF Filler to to process our request. Test Action

Step 14: Test Result

  • Great! successfully process our request and returned a temporary URL. Copy the URL and paste it into your browser to view the output.

Test Result

Step 15: Output

  • Here’s what the output looks like.
PDF Document with the Inserted Image
PDF Document with the Inserted Image

In this tutorial, you learned how to add an image to a PDF document with OpenAI using and Zapier. You learned how to use OpenAI to generate an image. You also learned how to use the PDF Viewer tools to easily get the x and y coordinates value.