Add HubSpot data to PDF and Email to Client via Gmail using and Zapier

In this tutorial, we will automatically add the first and last name to a PDF template and send it to the contact’s email address every time a new contact is added on HubSpot.

Step 1: HubSpot New Contact

To get started, let’s set HubSpot as the App and the New Contact as the Trigger Event.

Use HubSpot's New Contact As Trigger

Step 2: Setup Trigger

Let’s use the default properties. It already contains the first name, last name, and email that we need to perform this Zap.

Setup Trigger

Step 3: Test Trigger

Let’s click on the Test Trigger button to make sure that we can retrieve the newly added contact information.

Test Trigger

Step 4: Returns New Contact

Great! We successfully fetched the latest contact. Let’s proceed to and add this data to the PDF template.

New Contact Trigger Result

Step 5: Add PDF Filler

Let’s choose as the App and PDF Filler as the Action Event.

Use's PDF Filler Action Event

Step 6: Setup PDF Filler

Let’s configure the PDF Filler.

  • In the Source PDF field, enter the PDF template link.
  • In the Text Object field, enter the x and y coordinates, page number, contact’s first and last name from HubSpot, font size, and font name. You can quickly generate an object’s coordinates using the PDF Edit Add Helper.
Setup's PDF Filler

Step 7: Test PDF Filler

Now, let’s test the PDF Filler to make sure that we set it up correctly.

Test's PDF Filler

Step 8: PDF Filler Output

Great! returned the PDF template’s output URL. You can copy and paste the link in your browser to see the result. We are now ready to send the PDF to the new contact’s email address. PDF Filler Result

Step 9: Add Gmail’s Send Email

Let’s add another action and choose Gmail as the App. You can use other email service providers that are available in Zapier. Then, let’s use the Send Email as the Action Event.

Use Gmail's Send Email As Action Event

Step 10: Add Email Addresses

Let’s add the contact’s email address from HubSpot in the To field and your email address in the From field.

Add To And From Email Addresses

Step 11: Add PDF As Attachment

You can add the PDF Filler output either in the email’s body or as an email attachment.

  • In the Subject field, add your custom email subject.
  • In the Body field, type in your email message.
  • In the Attachments field, select the PDF Filler output URL.
Add PDF Filler's Output As Email Attachment

Step 12: Test Send Email

Let’s test our email configuration.

Test Send Email's Configuration

Step 13: Email Sent

Great! Gmail confirmed the receipt of our test email.

Email Sent To Recipient Successfully

Step 14: Recipient’s Inbox

This is what the email looks like in the recipient’s inbox.

Email In Recipient's Inbox

Step 15: PDF Output

Here’s the PDF document with the new contact’s first name and last name in our specified coordinates.

PDF Output With New Contact's Name
PDF Output with New Contact’s Name

In this tutorial, you learned how to add data from HubSpot to a PDF template using PDF Filler. You learned how to set up Zapier, so it triggers the zap every time a new contact is added in HubSpot. You also learned how to send the PDF document to the contact’s email address from HubSpot.

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