Step by step guide:

1. In this tutorial we will show you how you can use your OneDrive file as a source file in and Zapier. If you are not the owner of the file make sure that you have been granted access to use the file.

To begin, let’s choose the OneDrive as the App and the New File as the Trigger Event. Every time someone uploads a New File in your OneDrive it will be the trigger to run this Zap.

Set New File In OneDrive As The Trigger

2. Let’s configure the New File Trigger and select the Folder Name where the New Files that you want to use are added.

Setup OneDrive Trigger

3. Let’s do a Trigger test to see if our OneDrive account and Trigger were set up correctly.

Send Configuration To OneDrive To Test And Review

4. Great! Our test was a success. Zapier found a file in the OneDrive folder. We can now use the file to

OneDrive Processed Request Successfully

5. Let’s select the as the App and the PDF Filler as the Action Event. This will allow us to test if we can use the OneDrive file by adding a sample text to it.

Set PDF Filler As The Action Step

6. Let’s now configure the PDF Filler.

  • In the Source PDF field, select the File (Exists but not shown). This is the direct access to the file coming from OneDrive.
  • In the Text Objects field, enter 10;10;0;This is a sample text;14;Arial. This represents the x-coord;y-coord;page;Text;fontSize;fontName.

Configure PDF Filler With OneDrive Data

7. Let’s test our Action and send our PDF Filler configuration to

Send PDF Filler To To Test And Review

8. processed our request and returned a temporary URL. Kindly copy and paste the URL in your browser to view the result. Call Processed Successfully

9. Awesome! We have successfully added our sample text to the OneDrive file.

OneDrive File Used In PDF Filler
Screenshot of the OneDrive file used in PDF Filler

In this tutorial we learned how to configure OneDrive so we can use its files in Zapier. We also learned how to access a OneDrive file in and use the PDF Filler to add a sample text.

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