Step by step guide:

1. In this tutorial, we will show you how to convert a DOCX to PDF.

Source Docx
Screenshot of the Source File

2. We will assume that you have set up the first on Zapier. We will jump straight to step 2 and set up Kindly select as the App and Anything to PDF Converter as the Event.

App & Event

3. We will now configure Anything to PDF Converter.

  • In the Input Type field, select Link to rtf, doc, docx document.
  • Then in the Input field, enter the source file URL.
  • And last but not the least, in the Name field, specify your desired PDF output file name.

Action Setup

4. Now it’s time to Test & Review our Anything to PDF Converter configuration and send our data to

Test & Review

5. We successfully sent our data to and it returned the PDF output URL. Kindly copy the URL and paste it on your browser to see the result.

Test Action

6. Awesome! We have converted our DOCX to PDF successfully!

Output PDF
Screenshot of Output file

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